Y16 11 29 Deadly Highways

Cast: Tinkerbell, John
Location: Highways above Santa Monica
Time: 2AM
Synopsis: Tinkerbell has a close call while driving on the highway

Los Angelus Highway 2AM. John barrels around a high rise ramp in his Chevy Lumina going at least 80mph. He's been drinking tonight but is that really a surprise? He's drinking every night.

Tonight, Tinkerbell has stolen and or borrowed a little red convertible that she drives at … above speed limit, but nothing near 80, and no where near drunk. She has her music blasting and the top down, of course, because that is how Brujah drive.
The exit to Third Street is just coming up. Shit! How come he didnt see that? John turns the wheel hard cutting across three lanes of traffic to get to the exit, and..does he hit Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell screams a curse to the night air, and slams on the break, throwing the wheel to spin the car out of the way. She growls at the jerk, her head snapping back, and then forwards, and instead of shrieking angrily or something, she just slams on the acceleration and peels back into the road.

The V6 engine of the Lumina rumbles loudly as the black demon on wheels screams down the exit ramp just ahead…that exit is in Santa Monica. Its time to make a decision.

Tinkerbell considers it, she really does, but survival instinct is definitely stronger than irritableness. She swerves right off the ramp and slinks back into traffic, much to the annoyance of the people *she* subsequently cuts off.

The cars rumble along, abnoxious fumes filling the night air and choking the living. The highspeed nightmare continues unabatted.

White Wolf © White Wolf
Original Work is licensed under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License.