Y16/11/07 Hussle and Flow

Cast: Labron Vince
Location: Lincoln Heights
Time: Night
Synopsis: Two mortal gangstahs talk about a recent incident involving the latin gangs. (Contains adult language).

Lincoln Heights - Lincoln Heights

Welcome to Lincoln Heights, a sprawl of projects struggling to acquire enough money from the city to attempt a few neighborhood improvements, but still bearing the weight of the poverty rampant throughout South Central. This was the site of the 1995 Lincoln Heights riots. From here, the spires of Downtown's skyline can be seen. There are distinct boundaries to the neighborhood of 'Lincoln Heights', the western boundary of this area is formed by the cement-lined Los Angeles River and the northern boundary where it becomes Downtown is formed by North Broadway. It continues eastward and ends roughly at North Soto Street. Along the South side of this area is the I-10 freeway, an angry snarl of traffic on it day or night, it becomes a parking lot by the early rush hour of 6 in the morning.

Welcome to the Projects! More specifically, Lincoln Park, which is right outside the projects. Labron is out here shootin some hoops with a bunch of other guys. A nasty pitbull is chained up to the bleachers. Its a mean looking dog that has a collar on it that says "Grover"

Vince comes screaching down the street in his banged up, raggedy mofo, but it's actually a Ford Mustang. The side window seems to have been smashed out, and anyone remotely close can here absurdly loud bass pumping from the subs…"I bang in white t, I bling in my white t…" seems to be the song being played…the lyrics repeat like that…alot. He guides his car to a hault and parks on the side of the street, close to Labron and court, where he boots open the door and removes himself, which takes a minute or two, as his girth prevents sudden movement…

Labron shoots a three pointer from the sidelines. "Time to pay up bitches." He collects his winnings from the other players but not before getting into a heated argument with one of the players. Grover the pit bull comes to back Labron up however and he gets the cash. he glances at Vince. "
You say, "Oh snap its tha crazy motha fucka"

Vince waddles up to the crappy chain link fence with his best fatman swagger and blurts out, "Yeah I'm the crazy motha fucka…who are you?"
Labron walks over to Vince with Grover in toe, he keeps the thing on a tight leash which is good cause it growls..a lot. "
You say, "Labron yo, straight out tha Watts, Crazy Motha fuckin eights fo life dawg."
Labron tugs on his red jersey, and of course Red is the color that the Bloods Wear

Vince leaning over fractionally, his voice gone high for a moment, "for real? BABY BABY!" He gives his disgusting torn white-T a tug
You say, "Yeah, your the guy that fucked up my deal with that hot spanish hoe. What tha fuck jigga man, tha wasnt cool."

Vince lets his head recoil fractionally, eyes stirring down to the dog by Labron's side, "you see that crazy bitch? BBC man, BBC…she was ready to knock this black male over the head with a pipe…you don't fuck around with Vince Beaty yo…you get your ass run over; what's what I be talkin' about…you actually knew that hoe?"
Labron nods his head. "Yeah I was gonna beat tha pussy up fo sho for you fucked it up by tryin ta run her over."

Grover barks loudly

Vince waving one of his big beffy hands around, "yeah yeah, so sue my big black ass…we should just put a cap in her ass instead." He squints down at grover almost wearily.

Labron smirks slightly. "Yeah yeah, maybe tha hoe does need ta be put in her place. We cant be havin tha disrespect to tha brothas, it disrespectin tha whole hood yah heard?"

Vince lifts a big finger up to wiggle in his ear, "Nah man, I got shit in my ears…hey, what the hell's up with your dog there, he don't look so happy…?"

Vince furrows his brow and lifts his big beefy hand up, shaking it slightly in front of himself, "Hey Labron man, I ain't lookin' for no trouble man, shit. I don't wanna be missin' another window you know. I'm just trying to make this money man you know."

Labron nods his head. "Yeah yeah its cool jigga. You think I'd side with some some spic how ovah a brother? Hell no. Only color I rock is black baby yeah yeah."
You say, "We gotta git this money yah know what Im sayin?"

Vince bobbles his head around, eyes slipping over to the side and down the street, "yeah yeah man, minimum wage ain' enough to feed me, shit…what you got goin' on?" He looks down over his girth and frowns briefly, looking pretty bitter.

Labron shrugs. "Shit man Im jus husslelin same as everybody else. Tryin ta git tha block locked down on Watts where my crew is at but Crips is comin down hard makin it difficult ta handle our business yah know?" "Crack games all fucked up so, its like yah gotta do what yah gotta do, odds an ends."

Vince lifting his head a bit, "yeah I feel yeh man, I feel yeh…so what about that woman then? You makin' a deal?"
Labron shrugs. "Jus tryin ta sell her some car I jacked, but whatever, I aint dealin with no crazy bitch. Fuck it yah know what Im sayin, Ill find another spot."

Vince nods his big head a few times, wrapping a hand about the chain-linked fence, "yeh I gotcha man, I gotcha…look I better take off, gonna find me a piece or some shit, 'afore something else happens…damn bitch with a bat…crazy."

Labron nods his head. "Yeah yeah Vince righ? You live aroun this block?"

Vince starting to manuver his bulk towards the mustang, "yeh man, I keep it real around here, fo sho."

You say, "Aight aight homie. Ill see yah roun then"

Labron pulls Grover along, grabs his basketball and heads out

Vince hits his head as he swings into his car, letting out a loud, "damnit mofucker!" just as the door slams and the cars takes off.

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