What's different from White Wolf canon?

Our game is based on a role-playing game called Vampire the Masquerade, published by White Wolf Games. Like any good GM (Game Master), we have used the rules and setting provided by White Wolf as a base point, but deviated (often to an extreme) where we see fit, partly to suit our own setting, and partly to suit the realities of translating this system into a MUSH.
It is not required to have a pre-existing familiarity with the Vampire game published by White Wolf (either in the tabletop or Live-Action Role Play version). It is, however, suggested that players try to familiarize themselves with it at some point. We have taken a great deal of material from the White Wolf books, including some clans, some disciplines, and a lot of the background information for vampires.

However, this MUSH is entirely self-contained.

If something doesn't appear in the news files or elsewhere in the system, it may not have happened and it may not exist. Things may not work the way seasoned Vampire: The Masquerade players remember them.
Please pay attention to the news files and bulletin boards, for White Wolf's printed materials do not bind this place. The things that one takes as canon may not be; they may not even exist and if they do exist it may be in a twisted, barely recognizable form with nothing similar but the name.

So, specifically what's different?

In general LAmush aims for the same feel of the Camarilla and as a result much is the same. We use the Traditions , we use most of the titles and positions and we explicitly focus on the Camarilla's political environment with its paranoia, backstabbing and intrigue. However, there are a few important differences that our players may want to note in order to avoid misconceptions:

Character Statistics

Many of the classic stats used in White Wolf aren't present on LA:aHD. (ex: Humanity, Generation)

Vampire Theme

White Wolf theme tends to be of the resurgence of a vampire's humanity. LA's is about a vampire's downward spiral. To support that, one will notice there is no Humanity stat. That's because there is no humanity. There is only its lack, reflected by inhumanity traits.


Some words are different. Chiefly, Kindred, but many other 'White Wolf' terms as well.

Other Supernaturals

LAmush is first and foremost a story about the Damned: Vampires. Although players are welcome to create mortals (and subsequently be ghouled or embraced) the game's systems and main plot focuses around vampire society and its politics.

Our Setting does support a broader range of supernatural phenomena, but although they may look like 'Werewolves', 'Wraiths', 'Mages' or even 'Demons', they often are something else - something related to the focus of our Mush: Vampires


LAmush is focused on vampire, more specifically on the Theme of Damnation and Camarilla politics. Los Angeles is a Camarilla city, operating under the Camarilla laws and government that our news-files describe. As a result 'Camarilla' is the only 'Sect' truly available for player characters.

You do have the option of going anarch. However, it's important to understand that in the world of LAmush, anarchs are not a Sect. Anarchs are Camarilla, but Camarilla 'outcasts'. How they became outcasts is different for each anarch; an individual story. Perhaps the character tried to fit in, but somehow fell out of favor with the Camarilla establishment. Or perhaps the character employs its own set of ethics and chooses to rebel against the Camarilla and its Traditions.

Sabbat do exist, but they are a bit different from WW-canon Sabbat. All Sabbat Characters on LA are NPCs.


The cast of clans is different. Gangrel are still part of the Camarilla. Although the basic Camarilla Clans are the same (with the exception of the Nephilim) LAmush does not have Assamites, Ravnos, Salubri, Kindred of the East etc. We do have other bloodlines that make a Camarilla-vampire's stay in Asia or Egypt equally unfeasible. What you know about these clans and bloodlines IC-ly is limited to your lores.

Geography & Cast

White Wolf feature characters or geographical presence of clans such as laid out in the various White Wolf Sourcebooks does not exist here. We are not 'Los Angeles by Night', nor 'Bloodlines'. Our world is populated by a different cast.


Our History significantly deviates from White Wolf canon:

  • The genesis of vampirism is no common IC knowledge. Although we certainly support rivalries and alliances between Ancients and Clans, we lack references to Caine (and Generations from Caine), Antediluvians (or clan-names being derived from them), Methusaleh, The Book of Nod, the Jyhad or even Gehenna.
  • Similarly, the coming into existence of the Tremere is shrouded in mists. Their genesis is not necessarily different from that of other clans. Those with the lores to know do understand that the Clan is relatively young. However, there is no reference to diablerie or usurper practices.
  • Subsequently, although the Sabbat does exist, they do not focus on the annihilation of the Antediluvians. As such their structure and relationship with the Camarilla is slightly different also.
  • The Anarch Revolt did not take place. Anarchs are not a sect. There are no anarch cities, barons or generals. They are Camarilla-outcasts.

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