Who We Are

'Los Angeles' is an Old World of Darkness MUSH based on Vampire: The Masquerade. The setting is modern Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis with over 15 million mortals and scores of undead who hunt them. Upon this canvass, our goal is to create the finest, most engaging and politically complex Vampire MUSH in the world.

We solely focuses on the the vampire sphere due to our focus on vampire society, with its politics and intrigue. While mortal society is present as a backdrop, our MUSH revolves around vampires.

Everything you need to play is available online. This includes descriptions of the setting and the systems we use. An extensive stat-locked lore system provides ample surprises and mysteries for the most experienced players.

We have a streamlined role-play system designed to take advantage of the MUSH environment and support cooperative RP - a philosophy that draws on the maturity of the players to provide realistic and player-driven role-play.

Any player can play up to two neonate vampires and up to 3 mortals or ghouls. Older vampires and exceptional mortals are by application only.

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