Additional Documentation


We found we were lacking (structured) documentation in several areas and aimed to remedy by implementing the following:

  • Newbie Tutorials: The Newbie Tutorial accessible from the Green Room and the Guest Room, helps guests and newbies find their way and guides them through a few need-to-know files.
  • CharGen Documentation : +news CharGen provides elaborate descriptions of the CharGen process and what new players need to know and do to get a character approved for roleplay. This includes elaborate guidelines on writing +jnotes, example characters (Bob and Bernadette) and elaborate hints on finding roleplay once you're approved. Links to these CharGen files will also be added to the CharGen rooms.
  • Mushing Documentation : Files on MUSHing basics such as +news mushing/scenes and posing, +news mushing/formatting, +news mushing/colors and +news mushing/downtime
  • White Wolf : A file that details how we deviate from White Wolf canon: +news theme/white wolf
  • Embrace : A file that details how an IC embrace works : +news systems/embrace
  • Etiquette Lore: Depending on your lores this file elaborates on the workings of vampire society and what is considered polite behavior in what environment: +news lores/etiquette lore
  • Power Lore: Depending on your lores this file details what powers your character has heard about: +newslores/power lore
  • Restructuring of the BBS: The new BBS structure aims to support our new setting. Domain-BBS's have been archived, as will some IC-message boards from discontinued Elysia. Instead however, all Clans will have one IC BBS or the other. In addition we introduce the Introduction-BBS for new characters to introduce themselves and 'Studio's' that can be used for scenes.
  • Cleaning up the BBS: This is an ongoing process where relevant information in the BBSs is transferred to +news and +help and the rest is deleted.
  • Creation of Compendium: These are archives for players, NPCs, Storytellers & Architects that we use to store information such as logs, handled +jobs and BBS messages. Access to this compendium is restricted. You require an account and password to log in. You can acquire your account-name and password via +feedback/request.
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