OOC & IC System Changes

We aim for the following system-changes, but most of them still need to be implemented.


  • XP policies & Stat Limits : These are reviewed and re-defined. IC requirements are listed. Some things may be cheaper to buy. In addition we aim to -only- limit the XP cap for 100+ XP characters, instead of also dividing their XP by 2: +news systems/xp <item>, +news policies/stat limits.
  • Limited Consent: Although our game is not suited for Full Consent, we wish to move away from +sheet and +contest being the final decision-makers in situations that seriously affect a player's opportunity to play their character. In essence we would provide players with a safety net of being able to negotiate consequences to their actions, within reason.
  • Storybuilding Option: Similarly we would like to offer players the opportunity to initiate conflict with predefined stakes - that players are obligated to commit to.


  • Government: Prince Emerson implements a few new IC rules: a Primogen Council, specific rights and obligations for Elder NPCs.
  • Standing System: The number of grids will reduce significantly and as such we will need to adjust how much Standing a new grid will provide. In addition, Prince Emerson will handle Standing a bit differently. He requires you to be able to manage/control the grids you hold by means of vampiric underlings and influences. In return however, Emerson will grant more autonomy to characters with high Standing.
  • Presentation System: Boons are an integral part of vampire society, but unfortunately they are not being used as much as we would like. We hope to change this in two ways: (1) By attaching time-stamps to boons. A boon-holder has the opportunity to request reasonable repay of the boon from the indebted party within a defined time. After this the indebted party may initiate a reasonable repay on their own. (2) By providing opportunities to cash boons from characters that idle out.
  • Bloodbond System: Bloodbonds are an integral part of vampire society, but unfortunately we found that life-long ties between characters can become both frustrating and unbalancing in a Mush environment. This is why we aim to attach timestamps to drinks and will significantly shorten the duration of a Bloodbond, hoping to increase fluency of plot and play.
  • Inhumanities: We aim to provide more specific documentation on what actions require an Inhumanity Check and how it should be executed.
  • Finetuning of several power-cards: A few power cards require more tweaking for the purpose of clarity and balance.
  • Clans: A few clans will receive additional advantages for balancing purposes.
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