Organizational Structure & Policies


  • New Staff Structure: An end to the Theme-Archs and RegArchs. There's simply a core team of architects, Architects focused a specific faction (Clans, sects etc.). Also see: +news policies/architects
  • Storytellers: Former Plotcos, former Illustrators have increased powers to help them tell stories together with players: +news policies/storytellers
  • NPCs: NPCs cease to be property. They have managing Architects, but these can change. In addition they can be played by anyone. NPCs have specific purposes related to story, theme or consistency. +news policies/npc, +news policies/npc policies

In addition the number of Feature NPCs decreases significantly, down to approximately 1-2 per Clan. We aim for LA's story to center around the PCs, not the NPCs.

  • Features: Features no longer require a +jnote with active and proactive spheres. Their Feature +jnote does however list purposes and requirements. The number of Ancilla Features decreases to 1-2 per Clan. Players can only apply for a Feature after 3 months of active play. In addition existing PCs can now be asked to become Features: +news policies/features, +news chargen/feature apps and +news chargen/f-feature
  • Plots: Plots can be submitted and requested by anyone. Guidelines on writing and submitting plots are provides: +news policies/plots, +news polices/plot process and +news policies/plot template


  • Multiple PCs: Players can now play a second vampire after 3 months of active play, provided they adhere to Multiple Character policies. +news policies/multiple characters
  • Staff PCs: Here Staff provides openness on how handle Staff PCs in ways that prevent abuse and favouritism: +news policies/staff pc
  • Cheating: Here we list how we think about cheating, rules-lawyering etc. - how we like our players to deal with it - and how Staff protects the game against those who cross the line. +news policies/cheating
  • Formal Complaints: Sometimes frustration and conflict happens and players air their feelings and concerns to a specific Staffer via page or @mail. However - our individual Staffers are not empowered to do anything of consequence before it's discussed and/or documented via our +jobs-code. In addition, it's very difficult for Staff to distinguish when a player needs to let off some steam or when the player needs Staff to act. Hence - when you have a serious issue with someone or something you have the option to +feedback a Formal Complaint. A Formal Complaint with have the attention of all Architects. Staff as a whole will investigate and respond to it. A different process is provided should your complaint address Staff behavior: +news policies/formal complaint.
  • Activity: In the past our activity requirements were limited to a response-time of 1 week to @mail. We expanded these requirements slightly, asking increased responsiveness when (1) inactivity of a player can seriously limit the roleplay opportunities of others (2) the IC position of a character demands a basic level of activity: +news policies/activity
  • Retirement: Retirement documentation now includes what happens when you idle out: +news policies/retirement
  • Returning Old Characters: What your options are and what you can do when you wish to return an old character to play: +news policies/return
  • Newbies and Dinosaurs: LAmush has been open for 5 years and with the passing of time we have identified potential issues of a Mush holding both - old and new characters. This file details how LAmush aims to provide both (old and new) characters with a niche and how they can support each other: +news policies/newbies and dinosaurs.
  • OOC & IC: Our guidelines on OOC and IC were rather outdated. This file details on how we like our players to deal with the OOC & IC divide. In addition it provides guidelines on what information can be interpreted as IC and which information is purely OOC: +news policies/ooc and ic
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