The New Los Angeles - An Overview

This file is mainly intented for current and old players of LAmush that wish to learn about the recent game-overhaul. The pages in this section elaborate on why and how the new Architect Team worked on the move to the new Los Angeles.

The first step was a detailed analysis of what worked and what didn't. Going from these results we shaped our vision for the future. The basic goals for the LAmush overhaul were as follows:

  1. Increase opportunities and fluency of rolepley, story and plot
  2. Make LA about the player-characters - rather than NPCs
  3. Create more opportunities for character advancement
  4. Improve documentation, transparency and ease of play for both; old and new players

We identified many improvement points, some of which have been executed and some of which we're still working on. It includes a reduction from three to one player domain, a reduction of the grid and a significant decrease of the number of NPCs.

The links below provide the texts of the on-game posts, listing the various finalized and unfinalized items:

  1. The New Setting
  2. Organizational Structure & Policies
  3. OOC & IC System changes
  4. Additional documentation
  5. Features on this website
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