What is a Stigma?

STIGMA'S are a largely mysterious byproduct of prolonged vampiric existence. They are certainly more than simple psychological issues, as even the Beast appears to be subject to their absolute nature. And certainly, no amount of psychological delusion should cause one's reflection to disappear. It is clear, however, that stigmas do exist, and can have a profound effect on a vampire's relations to the world.
You may choose a stigma every time you gain an additional Beast-Trait or Inhumanity Trait, but wish to pick the Trait yourself. If you don't your Clan Architect will pick the Trait for you (… and they are prone to pick a nasty one). A list of available Stigma's can be found here.

Questions and Answers

Q: My enemies, knowing my Unholiness stigma, overpower me and carry me into a church, where I am chained down beyond my ability to escape. What happens to me?
A: Nasty situation. The answer is a fear frenzy check, of course, as this situation is at least as frightening to a stigmatized vampire as fire or sunlight would be. This check still only needs to take place once per night/scene, but you will give away advantage on the check in much the same way a vampire with the Stigma "Inflammable" must do so while set alight. And once in frenzy, it is highly unlikely you will recover unless rescued from your surroundings.

Q: Can I get rid of a stigma?
A: No.

Q: How do stigmas and disciplines interact?
A: When an effect specified by a stigma might be contradicted by an effect stated in a discipline, ritual, or other power, the Stigma always trumps the power.

Q: Specifically, can Mask of a Thousand Faces hide my Permanent Fangs? Or can Fortitude soak damage specified by my Inflammable? Or, can Majesty overcome a mortal's fear if I have Eerie Presence?
A: No, no, and no. :) The Stigma always wins; even when confronted by an awesome level 5 power. Nothing overcomes them.

Q: Why are they so nasty?
A: Stigmas are permanent flaws and serve as the cost you pay for choosing your own Beast Trait or Inhumanity Trait. The Choice is yours: Do you let Staff select an evil option, or do you take a permanent flaw? Up to you.

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