Vampires are dead people who survive based upon how well they can drink blood from the bodies of the living - perpetual predators while humans are relegated to the role of prey. As farmers generally become callous toward the pigs they might slaughter daily for meat, the same invariably holds true for the vampires who must prey upon the living. This unavoidable dichotomy between predator and prey marks vampires as more and more inhuman over time. Even for the most empathetic of vampires, the nature of vampiric existence slides them inevitably toward being something distinctly inhuman. This slide from humanity is marked by Inhumanity Traits.

Inhumanities are the portions of a character where their humanity has rotted away. They are a visceral reminder of how even the best vampires are making a slow descent toward Damnation. In more real world terms, Inhumanities are the results of the wrongs a person has done - the bits where they've done something they knew was wrong, yet they did it anyway. There are prices for everything a vampire does - sometimes that price literally is a piece of their soul. Inhumanities are the things that a character used to know as wrong, but now the ever extending trudge of the years has dulled them to the horror and they can no longer see the evil involved, so they grow a step closer to true monstrosity.

With each growing inhumanity, a character is less and less able to maintain themselves as anything other then a monster. They are less able to see things as evil and, eventually, everything seems allright in the right circumstances- slaughter a few thousand mortals? That's fine, you had to feed. Steal? No problem. Rape, pillage, burn? They're only mortals. Frenzy and kill a vampire? These things happen.

Inhumanity Systems

Inhumanity Traits come in two levels; Subhuman an Monstrous. All vampires, including childer and neonates start with a -minimum- of 1 Subhuman Inhumanity-Trait. Characters that gain a 5th Inhumanity-Trait, have become complete monsters and are taken out of play. You may find a list of Inhumanity-Traits available on LAmush here.

Gaining Inhumanity Traits

A vampire who engages in any wrongdoing risks gaining an Inhumanity Trait. Any wrongdoing includes theft, causing another to suffer (mental, physical, or emotional), feeding without consent, creating a ghoul or another vampire, accidentally violating your own personal ethics, and anything worse.
If such wrongdoing occurs, the vampire must undergo an Inhumanity Check subject to staff review. The process for Inhumanity Checks is as follows:

  1. Check your list of Inhumanity Traits.
    • If your wrongdoing is covered by one of your Inhumanity Traits, stop here. Nothing happens.
  2. Perform a contest of your number of Inhumanity Traits you have against 2.
    • Willpower cannot be used to gain advantage or otherwise affect this contest.
    • If your Inhumanity Traits prevail or tie, stop here. Nothing happens.
  3. Perform another contest of the number of your Inhumanity Traits against 2.
    • If your Inhumanity Traits prevail, you've gained a Monstrous Inhumanity Trait.
    • If they lose or tie on this second contest, you've gained a Subhuman Inhumanity Trait.
  4. Make a choice:
    • Let your Clan Architect choose your Inhumanity .. or
    • Choose to take a Stigma as well and have the privilege of picking your own Inhumanity Trait.
    • Go on with unlife. You've lost some of your humanity.

Damnation with Inhumanity Traits

When a character has five or more Inhumanity Traits, the character is effectively a Monster. It has lost all traces of its humanity. Such Monsters will be considered NPCs. The Architects reserve the right to take such Monsters out of play in a manner of their own choosing, and they will likely do so.

Salvation with Inhumanity Traits

It is possible to try and rid yourself of an inhumanity trait. If you wish to go that route, you need to discuss it with your Clan Architect. It will not be easy and it is not guaranteed to work. There will be lots of roleplay involved, but the details will be worked out on an individual basis.

Losing Inhumanity Traits is subject to a multitude of factors specific to the Inhumanity Trait to be lost. Such salvation is largely a matter of roleplay that will involve intimate discussions with your Clan Architect. However, one consideration is common to all Inhumanity Traits. To eliminate an Inhumanity Trait, the character must not engage in any wrongdoing that pertains to it, and the character must do this for a long period of time.

More information on buying off an inhumanity trait can be found here.
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