The Embrace

The Embrace, also called 'The Becoming' is the term for the act of turning a mortal into a vampire. Not every victim of the vampire's Kiss rises to become a vampire herself - making a new vampire requires a conscious effort.

When a vampire desires a childe, rather due to loneliness, regret at an accidental feeding, a need for a pawn, or any other reason, the first step is to drain the candidate dry to the point of death. Any technique that results in a bloodless corpse will do. Once the candidate is drained of mortal blood the sire places a quantity of her own blood in the childe's mouth. This amount varies, as some vampires literally suckle their childer at their own wrists while other vampires place the tiniest drop on their childer's lips and watch as the Beast takes over thereafter.

Whatever course is taken, the childe then dies a mortal and spiritual death, then instantly transforms into a new childe, rising unnaturally afterward.

The first reaction most childer have after an embrace is raw hunger, with less than blood point available and no experience dealing with a fully raging Beast, the childe will most likely enter a hunger Frenzy at the first sight of blood. For most vampires, this means that the Embrace is followed immediately by a moment of degredation.

After the Embrace, the fledgling may take several days before the full impact of the curse is apparent. Ventrue preferences take several weeks to define, and the Nosferatu change can take up to a month as the body reforms to accept the curse.

Embrace Types

LAmush deviates from canon vampire by the existance of two different types of Embraces. The normal embrace and the True Embrace:

Normal Embrace

The Sire needs to have vampire lore 2 in order to consciously attempt a normal embrace; Drain the mortal's blood and replace it with vampiric vitae. A normal embrace automatically generates a Sanguinis 1 Childe of the Clan of the Sire, regardless of the Sire's Sanguinis, age or clan. The Blood finds its way into the system of the newly born vampire, and starts to evolve from 'point zero', growing stronger as time goes by. The next Sanguinis level can only be reached after 100 IC years, when the Childe becomes an Ancilla.
Optionally, when the Sire is particularly young, or if the Childe is abandoned or particularly unwilling, a normal embrace may also generate a Caitiff. The later is never a requirement, but an optional path to choose for story-purposes.

True Embrace

Next to the normal embrace Sires have the option to give their Childe a 'quick-start'. The Sire needs vampire lore 3 to be aware of the possibility and the mechanics of a True Embrace. A True embrace requires the Sire to prepare for two full nights, and involves the sire's focusing on strengthening his or her blood. In game terms, this requires two nights and the expenditure of two *permanent* willpower points. According to their Clan-advantage Ventrue-Sires pay 1 permanent Willpower.
The first childe created after this exhausting effort is created with blood nearly as strong as that of the Sire: The Sire's Sanguinis -1. As a result a True Embrace only really makes sense when the Sire has Sanguinis 3+.

Game Mechanics

When your character aims to embrace a mortal PC, please feel free to use code for the exchange of blood.
When IC-negotiations ended, please +feedback the embrace to Staff. Staff has access to code that will automatically revamp the mortal PC.

The Sire-player should remember that an embrace is an act of wrongdoing. If the embrace is not covered by Inhumanity-Traits, it requires an inhumanity check.

The Childe-player will be asked to pick 1 Beast-Trait and 1 Inhumanity-Trait as a consequence of their vampiric state. They will also instantly suffer any Clan-disadvantages.
The Childe will start with all powers on 'zero', and gain 1 power per RL month up to the neonate CharGen default (3). After 4 RL months the Childe also receives abilities, backgrounds or Willpower belonging to their Clan-advantages. Lores are not for free, and need to be bought with XP.

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