Vampires are inhuman.

They are dead people who survive based upon how well they can drink blood from the bodies of the living. Thus vampires are perpetual predators while humans are relegated to the role of prey. As farmers generally become callous toward the pigs they might slaughter daily for meat, the same invariably holds true for the vampires who must prey upon the living.

This unavoidable dichotomy between predator and prey marks vampires as more and more inhuman over time. Even for the most empathetic of vampires, the nature of vampiric existence slides them inevitably toward being something distinctly inhuman. This slide from humanity is marked by Inhumanity Traits.

Vampires are also beasts. More precisely, each vampire has a Beast within them. The Beast hungers for blood. It fears fire and sunlight. It hates anything that impedes its immortality. The Beast exists inside each vampire, and it can never be ignored. It can only be fought. For some, this fight can last for centuries. For others, it can last but a night. However, when this fight ends, it can only mean that the Beast has won, for there is no other end. This battle with the Beast is marked by Beast Traits.

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