Willpower is a stat that reflects the mental strength, self-control, and determination of a character. It ranges from 1 to 10, where human average is 1. Very few humans will have Willpower in excess of 3.

Willpower points may be spent to affect the outcome of a challenge. Note that these points only come back at the rate of approximately one point per day, however spending these points reduces your temporary Willpower trait - making it harder to resist persuasion, intimidation, etc.

Willpower points can be spent in the following ways:

  1. If your character has elected to withhold his or her full pool of available points from a contest, you may expend a willpower point to elect to use your character's full pool after other players have revealed totals that they are going to use in the contest. This must occur before the contest. No new circumstances or modifiers that were not originally declared can be used. This use is to represent a contestant who has been overconfident suddenly realizing how strong his or her opposition is, and throwing everything into the fray.
  2. Spending a willpower point will give you Advantage, or cancel your opponents Advantage. You may spend only one point in this manner in any single contest.
  3. As otherwise expressly allowed by a particular power or other roleplay system referenced in the files.

When you spend willpower points on a willpower roll, you deduct the points after you determine your total for the challenge.

You regain your temporary willpower points as time goes by (at log-in or sunset). The lower your temporary Willpower drops, the longer it takes to restore.

Commands for Using Willpower

The following code is in place to allow expending and recovering willpower points.

+willpower Report current and full willpower.
+willpower/expend # Spend # willpower point(s) (See below).

This will also inform others in your location that you have done so, and they may verify this with +verify. Usually you will expend only 1 willpower - you may only spend more when (Multi) appears at the bottom of the power being resisted. Under all other circumstances you may only spend one willpower point on any one contest.

Spending Willpower to Resist Power-Use

When a power card has ''multi" modifier, you may spend Willpower to attempt and resist the effect. This means that in lieu of expending a willpower point to claim Advantage, the power-target may spend one or more willpower points to resist this power. The first willpower point spent in this manner gives the target a +3 to your resistance total. The second gives the target and additional +2. Each willpower point spent in this manner subsequently gives an added +1 to the resistance total.

Willpower FAQ

Q: Do I round up or down when dividing my Willpower in a contest?
A: When a challenge indicates Willpower/2 :
You are to round up. (E.g. 3/2 = 1.5 —> 2)
The same holds true when any contest involves dividing by 2.

Q: I used up all my Willpower two days ago and it's still on zero. Is something wrong?
A: The lower your Willpower drops the longer it will take to regain. It may take a day or more to restore Willpower from 0 to 1, whereas restoring Willpower from 3 to 4 is relatively quick.

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