There is blood, and then there is Blood. Vampires also call Blood Vitae.

  1. The blood drunk from an animal or mortal is just that: blood
  2. When this blood enters the system of the vampire, it becomes vampiric Blood
  3. Finally it is rumoured that a vampire possesses 'Hearts Blood' or 'Essence', that makes the very basis of its existence

Vitae on your +sheet represents the amount of (vampiric) Blood that vampires or ghouls have in their system.

Vitae is counted in 'bloodpoints', where every point is worth between a half to a full pint of Blood, depending on your Sanguinis - Higher Sanguinis means your Blood is more concentrated. As a result maximum amount of bloodpoints a vampire can hold in their system depends on Sanguinis. For the lower Sanguinis levels this comes down to the following:

Sanguinis Bloodpool
1 10
2 11
3 12
4 13
5 14

Using Blood

You use Vitae in the following ways:

Replenishing your Bloodpool

Bloodpool Management Commands

The following commands allow vampires and ghouls to manipulate their vitae pool.
For more information, please refer to the files on drinking blood and Using Blood.

Command Usage
+blood tells you how much vitae you have, how fast you can spend it, etc.
+blood/pump expends <num> points to increase the physical attribute <attribute>.
+blood/revert restores your physical attributes to normal.
+blood/expend simply burns <num> blood points.
+blood/heal expends <num> blood points to heal <num> levels of normal damage.
+blood/prove verifies to <player or 'here'> your vitae/action rate
+blood/feedok gives <feeder> OOC permission to drink your blood.
+blood/feed drinks <num> points from <victim>.

Hunting Commands

The following commands allow vampires to acquire Blood via hunting.
For more information, please refer to the files on hunting.

Commands Usage
+hunt <hours> Hunt as set in default (E.g.: +hunt 2 = Hunt for 2 hours)
+hunt/here <method>/<hours> Hunt in present location by <method> (E.g.: +hunt/here prey/2). If desperate: +hunt/here reckless/<hours>
+hunt/access Lists locations to which you have been granted hunting permission.
+hunt/info Gives hunt information about current location plus current character settings
+hunt/recent Shows recent hunt info for your character

Hunting Configuration:

Command Usage
+hunt/default <method>/<grid> Sets up default for +hunt <hours>. (E.g.: +hunt/default donjuan/a1)

GRID must be a valid grid location (e.g. A1) and that location will determine both ease of hunting by different methods as well as how strong a pool is supplied by that location.

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