Your Character Sheet


Your character sheet is a record of your player character. It lists basic character informaton, its statistics and their level.

Command Usage
+sheet Show your own character sheet
+sheet <X> Show object X's character sheet, only if you have the VIEWSTAT access item (see: +help admin/access), or control X.

Sheet Examples

Sheet Bernadette:


Sheet Bob:



+listinfo lists all the defined infobits of a defined type. Infobits are the items that make up your character; the numeric stats, the members of your list of beast-traits etc, the strings (nature, demeanor, etc). Typing: +listinfo will give you a list of the various categories of infobits that make up a character. +listinfo on a category will list the sub-categories, or list the members of that category.

Command Usage
+listinfo Show the top level infobit categories
+listinfo <category> List the infobits in <category>

See +listinfo on: attributes, abilities, advantages, disadvantages, rituals

+listinfo attributes
--------------------------------- Attributes ----------------------------------
Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance, Perception,
Intelligence, Wits


Command Usage
+explain <infobit> +explain is used to explain to you what a certain infobit means.
It lists what type of infobit is in game terms (is it an attribute, an ability, etc), and in terms of how it is stored (is it a Stat, a String, or a Listitem).


+explain strength

+--------------------------------( Strength )---------------------------------+
Type:Attribute (Physical)Info-type: Stat
Your raw physical power; how much you can lift or carry, how hard you can hit.

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