'Sect' reflects the sect you belong to. Valid entries for sect are:

Camarilla and anarch are the only sects available for PCs. In this it should be noted that 'anarch' is not really a sect. An anarch is a 'Camarilla-outcast'. If you're a Camarilla outcast or not depends on your Status and the Status-system.

As such the 'Sect' entry is subject to how you're perceived by the collective of (N)PC's out there; who supports and opposes you with their status-votes. As long as your Status is positive your sect is 'Camarilla'. When your Status goes negative and into the realm of anarch reputation, your sect is 'anarch'.

You may '+declare anarch/Camarilla' to reflect your character's true inner sympathies with Camarilla officials or the outcasts. This is what is taken into consideration when determining what sect-lore is home or non-home for you.

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