Sanguinis represents the strength of a vampire's blood. The lowest possible Sanguinis a vampire can have is 1. A higher Sanguinis corresponds to a larger blood capacity and potency. The actual effect of Sanguinis on a vampire character is integrated in to the +blood code.

Advantages of having higher Sanguinis generally come down to:

  • Having a larger Bloodpool. For Sanguinis 2-5 the Bloodpool increases with one Bloodpoint per level.
  • Being a bit more resilient where it comes to resisting Dominate
  • Being able to wake a lower Sanguinis vampire from Torpor (on the downside, you need a higher Sanguinis vampire to wake you from Torpor)
  • Being able to help a lower Sanguinis vampire heal aggravated damage more easily (on the downside, you need a higher Sanguinis vampire to help you heal aggravated damage)
  • From Sanguinis 3 and up; being able to perform a True Embrace
  • For particularly high Sanguinis: Being able to expend more than one Bloodpoint in a round
  • For very high Sanguinis: Being able to exceed the stat max of '5'.

A vampire's Sanguinis increases inexorably as it ages. However, given the brief span of time that this MUSH covers, such increases of Sanguinis will never occur after character creation. That said, there may be other ways for a vampire permanently or temporarily to increase their Sanguinis (See Diablerie), but knowledge of such matters is guarded. Check your +news lores to see if your character has more knowledge of such matters.

A Childe that is created via a normal Embrace always starts at Sanguinis 1.
Please find a table with average Sanguinis levels per age below:

Senior Elder 300+ 3-4
Elder 200-300 3
Senior Ancilla 150-200 2-3
Ancilla 100-150 2
Senior Neonate 50-100 1-2
Neonate 5-50 1
Childe 0-5 1

Note: Due to their Clan Advantage Ventrue have Sanguinis +1.

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