Retainer Puppets

Creating Retainer Objects

You may create and use objects for statted and unstatted retainers yourself by using the following code:

Command Usage
@create <name retainer> Creates a Retainer-object with <name>
@set <name or DBREF retainer>=puppet The object grows eyes and ears
@set <name or DBREF retainer>=verbose The object now p-emits what the retainer hears/sees
@desc <name or DBREF retainer>=<description> Describes your retainer's looks
@force <name or DBREF retainer>=<command> Allows you to use a limited number of commands via your retainer.
This includes @emit, navigating, being able to use aura-code and setting backgrounds

For more information when online, please refer to: 'help puppet', 'help puppets' and 'help verbose'.

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