Your Name

Commands for setting your names

LAmush provides options to set several names and nicknames. Commands are provided below.

Command Usage
@name me=<new name> Changes your name to <new name>
&fullname me=Full name, titles, whatever you like. Sets your full IC name that is displayed under +finger
&clan-name me=<chosen name> Sets your clanname in case your clan uses nicknames.
@alias me=jj Sets an OOC Alias (normally an abbreviation) that people can use to page, @mail etc. you


LAmush offers the opportunity to find IC nicknames for (other) characters. These Name Tracking Database commands are intended to help you (the poor player) keep track of surnames, nicknames, clan-names, etc. that people might reference in RP without having to ask or look naive. The system is, however, somewhat reliant on players keeping it up to date and accurate. Staff can make modifications, but submissions for names are solicited through these commands voluntarily. If you note something amiss, please contact staff via +feedback.

Command Usage Example
+name <character>|<nickname> This will return the names associated with the match-name provided.
Note there may be multiple matches, and it is up to the player to sort a correct match in such cases. This is merely a convenience/reminder.
+name fox might return George and Evelyn
+name/register <player>=<name>[:<stat>:<level>] This command will submit a match for a player. The stat and level are optional.
If the name is generally known, then there would be no need for obscuring.
If the name is somewhat obscured, whether a nickname only known in clan in domain, etc. then it would be set with an appropriate check.
Generally known:
+name/register Patric=Miller
+name/register Alvin=A4:south-central lore:1

While the command is not intended to be foolproof, it should provide assistance in IC recollection of names. Submissions will be placed in a queue for approval by staff. Staff can make modifications later as required.

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