Inhumanity Traits

INHUMANITY TRAITS represent the effects that the Embrace has on a vampire's mind. Vampires are inhuman. They are dead people who survive based upon how well they can drink blood from the bodies of the living. Thus vampires are perpetual predators while humans are relegated to the role of prey. As farmers generally become callous toward the pigs they might slaughter daily for meat, the same invariably holds true for the vampires who must prey upon the living. This unavoidable dichotomy between predator and prey marks vampires as more and more inhuman over time. Even for the most empathetic of vampires, the nature of vampiric existence slides them inevitably toward being something distinctly inhuman. This slide from humanity is marked by Inhumanity Traits.

Inhumanity Traits come in two levels; Subhuman an Monstrous. All vampires, including Childer and Neonates start with a -minimum- of 1 Subhuman Inhumanity Trait. Malkavians start with a Monstrous Inhumanity Trait instead. Characters that gain a 5th Inhumanity-Trait, have become complete monsters and are taken out of play.

You can find information on the workings of Inhumanity-Traits here.

List of Inhumanity Traits to Choose from:

Subhuman Inhumanity Traits

AUTHORITARIAN: Wrongdoing has no meaning to you if your actions are performed to preserve order.

BESTIAL: You bear no moral consequence for any wrongdoing you commit while you are in frenzy.

BELIEVER: Wrongdoing has no meaning to you so long as you are convinced that your God would approve of your conduct. (While this Inhumanity Trait is not restricted to character generation, it must be predicated upon a clear religious belief system that is a part of the characters background.)

CALLOUS: Accidents happen. People break. The world goes on. You are not responsible for the accidental consequences of your actions. If you are speeding and a mortal steps in front of your car… oops. The world and you go on.

CONSENSUAL: You can engage in any act against a person(s) so long as the person(s), or someone you recognize with authority over them, consents to your act.

DRIVEN: You have a clear purpose or goal that drives you through the endless nights. Any actions that further this agenda are not considered to be wrongdoing. (This Inhumanity Trait can only be taken in Chargen. You must clearly and conspicuously set forth your purpose or agenda in your DRIVEN Jnote, and it cannot be longer than ten words.)

FOLLOWER: Your morality is greatly defined by your peers. You will accept and participate in any action supported by a majority of members of any coterie to which you belong. Such conduct is not wrongful to you.

HONORABLE: You have a very simple and strict personal code of honor. Any actions in accord with this personal code of honor are not considered to be wrongdoing. (This Inhumanity Trait can only be taken in Chargen. Your personal code of honor must be set forth clearly in your HONORABLE Jnote, and it cannot be longer than fifteen words.)

ICONOCLASTIC: You do what you need to do to resist or otherwise undermine those who assert authority over you. So long as your actions serve either of these purposes, such actions are not considered wrongful.

IMMORTAL: Wrongdoing has no meaning to you when the alternative is your destruction. You can and will do anything necessary for you to survive.

LARCENOUS: The property rights of others have no meaning for you.

LAWYER: Your ethics are for sale. Wrongdoing has no meaning for you so long as someone else is compensating you -well- for what you do.

PEDAGOGUE: Any action is acceptable as long as it serves to educate the subject to some degree in a direct fashion and does not result in their death. The axiom 'live and learn' is your guiding principle.

PREDATOR: Anything you -need- to do to eat is fine.

RANCHER: Your perceptions of humans are like those of a rancher with cattle. Humans are a food source and a commodity. You do not inflict unnecessary suffering upon your food source and you do not frivolously waste your commodity, but you will slaughter them as is needful. Humans serve your needs, but you bear them no malice. Actions within this context are not wrongful so long as you are not wantonly cruel.

RECIPROCITY: If someone commits an act against you, a like or less severe act in response is not wrongful.

Monstrous Inhumanity Traits

CAPRICIOUS: You are prone to actions that provide you no identifiable benefit or that create more trouble than benefit for you. Such actions are not considered wrongdoing for you.

COVETOUS: You covet material and intangible things that do not belong to you. No action is wrongful to you so long as it is committed in an effort to acquire something you covet.

DISHONEST: You are a deceiver and dishonorable. You can do anything so long as it is predicated upon active deception and lies. Such devious conduct is not wrongdoing for you.

HOMICIDAL: Death is your answer to most of lifes problems. Whether directly or indirectly, you can kill anything or anyone for any reason without moral consequence.

OBEDIENT: You can commit any act so long as someone with power over you directs you do to so.

PAYBACK: Your actions are not considered wrongdoing if they are to repay or avenge a slight or offense against you. Such responsive actions are generally not in proportion to the slight or offense against you.

POSSESSIVE: Wrongdoing has no meaning to you when something or someone you possess might be taken from you. You can and will do anything to keep what belongs to you, even if your belonging is destroyed in the process.

REMOVED: You plot and scheme from behind the scenes. Others do your bidding outside of your presence. You can cause any wrongful act so long as you do not witness its execution or immediate aftermath.

SADISTIC: You will not pass up an opportunity to get away with inflicting suffering or pain upon someone else. Actions in pursuit of inflicting such pain or suffering are not wrongdoing for you.

TRADITIONAL: Conduct that is in accord with the Camarilla Traditions is not wrongful to you. (Malkavians cannot choose this Inhumanity Trait as their clan disadvantage.)

UTILITARIAN: The greatest good for the greatest number: you do not suffer the moral consequences of your actions if those actions are designed to benefit more people than they harm. You may butcher thousands to protect the lives of millions, or enslave one for the service of many. Quality of benefit/suffering gets at least as much weight as the number of people it affects.

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