Information and Settings
+finger <player> Displays information about the player, if specified. The form lists online players, their sex, rank, position and area. This information is IC and should be set appropriately. You should restrict personal IC knowledge of this as appropriate with your Area/Clan Lores.
All info from +finger is taken from attributes on the character except for last connection and location. Site infomation is given only on a voluntary basis. Staff also see dbnums for the player and his/her location.See also: +help ooc/who

Setting information for +finger:

@alias me=<alias> Sets your alias. This is usually an abbreviation of your name. You may only have one.
@sex me=<male/female/neuter> Sets your gender to male, female or 'it' respectively
&fullname me=<Full name> Sets your full name, title, whatever you like.
&shortdesc me=<a very short description.> Sets a very short description that is displayed via +finger
&online me=<Times you can be expected to be found> Sets the times you can be expected to be found online and available for RP.
&email me=<email address> Makes your IC and/or OOC email address available to all who type +finger. This is a VOLUNTARY option!>
&position me=<position> Sets your IC Position or OOC Staff position. Note: The text of this position is also used in the +offices list.
Plan=<your plan> Misc message as you like (note multi-lines will not be handled nicely - try not to spam us, folks.)
&URL-thing me=<URL-photo/URL-website etc.> Any &URL-thing set on yourself will show up as: Thing. Use this to set links to home pages, photos, etc.)

Other Settings

Command Usage
@lock me=me Prevents other people moving you around
@set me=opaque Hide your inventory for other players
@set me=enter_ok Allows people to give you items
@lock/uselock me=me Keeps people from using your commands
@lock/enterlock me= =#0 Keeps people from stealing your stuff
@desc me=<text> A description of what your character looks like
@adesc me=@pemit me=%N just looked at you! This command will tell you when another player looks at you
@set me=ansi Enables you to see colors
@set me=!<flag> To clear a flag(/setting)
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