Coded Computers

When you have resources 1 and the computer-skill, you can get your own coded computer or laptop.
You can use this computer to manage IC files.

@create Computer
@parent computer=#697
@set computer=commands

You also have the option to send IC emails, but you do not need a computer-object for this to work. Email-code works via your @mail, not your computer.

Computer Commands

+comhelp Lists commands for your computer
+write <title>=<text> will enter <text> in a file called <title>.
+load <title> will display the file called <title>.
+edit <title>=<texta>=<textb> will replace <texta> with <textb> in file <title>
+del <title> will delete file <title>.
+dir displays a directory listing.

Note: file-names are case-sensitive

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