A Clan is essentially an extended bloodline of vampires who share similar powers and weaknesses.
Every Clan has specific Clan-Disciplines, Clan-advantages and Clan-disadvantages that differentiate them from the other bloodlines. For details on these, please refer to the files about the individual clans.

The Clan-section on your sheet displays what bloodline you're from.
For Ghouls the Clan-slot records the Clan of the ghoul's Domitor (who's blood they have in their system).

The following entries are common for Clan:

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian
Nosferatu Toreador Tremere
Ventrue Caitiff Nephilim
Asuras Lasombra Tzimisce

We are aware White Wolf features alternate clans and bloodlines. However, these do not necessarily exist in the world of this Los Angeles. What characters know of the existence of other clans and bloodlines is limited to the +news lores files locked to their lore levels.

More information on clans can be found here.

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