Beast Traits

BEAST TRAITS are linked to the Beast that every vampire carries within, a primal force that threatens to overcome them and send them into permanent frenzy.. turn them into a true monster.

The Beast hungers for Blood. It fears fire and sunlight. It hates anything that impedes its immortality. The Beast exists inside each vampire, and it can never be ignored. It can only be fought. The Beast expresses in different ways in different bloodlines, and in different individuals. For some, this fight can last for centuries. For others, it can last but a night. However, when this fight ends, it can only mean that the Beast has won. This battle with the Beast is marked by Beast Traits.

Beast-Traits come in two levels (Subhuman and Monstrous) and three different categories. Categories determine which type of frenzy they tend to produce:

  1. Rage: The Beast is enraged and will attack
  2. Courage: The Beast is scared and runs away
  3. Control: The Beast wants Blood and will do anything to get it

All vampires, including Childer and Neonates start with a -minimum- of 1 Subhuman Beast-Trait. Characters that gain a 5th Beast-Trait are lost to the Beast, in permanent frenzy and are taken out of play.

You can find information on the workings of Beast-Traits here.

List of Beast Traits to Choose From

Subhuman Rage Beast Traits

CRIMSON RAGE:You rage-frenzy when you are physically threatened by another.

EMBARRASSED: You rage-frenzy whenever someone brings up one of your failures or criticizes your actions in front of others. Test once per scene per source of aggravation. If there is a group, test only once, but give away advantage.

FRUSTRATED:You rage-frenzy when you fail a challenge (through roleplay or +contest) involving mental attributes. Examples include: being unable to find a crucial piece of evidence (Perception), being unable to solve a logic puzzle (Intelligence), or not being fast enough to come up with that on-the-spot-story (Wits). If you are completely unaware of the event, such as a failed Perception+Alertness +contest to spot someone sneaking by you, you do not need to check, although if you later realize they were present that would definitely give cause for frenzy.

HUMILIATED:You rage-frenzy whenever someone humiliates or insults you in public (by, say, slapping you or calling you names).

ISOLATION: You rage-frenzy when someone attempts to leave you alone in your haven, or if you wake alone.

ITEM: You rage-frenzy when you encounter a certain item (eg:, stake, firearm, bible - pick one to be defined as a jnote, although overly common items are not recommended).

PRIMAL: You rage frenzy whenever you are in a physically violent confrontation without a weapon in hand. If you don't have a weapon and it looks like a fight, it's all nails, fists, and teeth. Note that being disarmed during a fight will also trigger this trait, as will being successfully grappled.

TERRITORIAL: You rage-frenzy whenever you witness someone entering your haven (defined as the immediate surroundings of your sleeping place(s) as detailed in your HAVENS jnote). This by definition means that you will rage-frenzy if you see anyone upon waking from your daytime sleep, unless you are somewhere outside your usual territory.

TOUCHY: You rage frenzy whenever a specified topic is brought up in conversation by another in any way, no matter how tangential. This topic is noted in your jnotes. Bringing up this conversation yourself requires the expenditure of a temporary willpower point, and anyone who replies to you regarding the topic will trigger this Beast Trait.

UNFETTERED: You rage-frenzy when you are kept somewhere against your will, or are unable to go where you wish.

VIGILANTE: You rage-frenzy when you witness a killing, against the killer(s). This occurs regardless of whether the killing is accidental or intentional, and regardless of whether the victim is human, ghoul, or vampire (animals are excluded). Note that this trigger does not occur if you yourself are the killer, unless it is felt appropriate to the situation.

Monstrous Rage Beast Traits

ALPHA: You rage-frenzy whenever someone expresses any doubts about your abilities or questions your judgment, whether in public or private.

BULLIED: You rage-frenzy whenever you lose a +contest involving social attributes, or realize you have been outdone in any social affair. This could be something as simple as another vampire showing up to the ball in the same dress you are wearing, or someone snubbing you in order to talk to another.

FAILURE: You rage-frenzy whenever you realize that you have failed doing anything, whether the failure is a result of a +contest or roleplaying.

FURIOUS: You rage-frenzy whenever someone crosses you in any way. 'Crossing' you would include someone cutting you off on the freeway, getting that last piece of cake you wanted before you got it, or anything more severe than that.

INVIOLATE You rage-frenzy whenever someone physically touches you or anything you are wearing or carrying without your consent, no matter how well-intentioned or slight the contact.

VIOLENT: You rage-frenzy whenever you witness violence, regardless of its target, intent, or intensity. A friendly punch in the shoulder between comrades could lead to your tearing them both apart. Note that this trigger does not occur if you yourself are inflicting violence, unless it is felt appropriate to the situation.

Control Beast Traits

Subhuman Control Beast Traits

BLOOD: You hunger-frenzy when you encounter spilled blood or open wounds.

BLOOD RUSH: You hunger-frenzy when you spend more than 1/2 your blood capacity in a single scene.

FETISH: You hunger-frenzy when you encounter a particular type of vessel - prostitutes, police, ladies in red dresses - make the choice and have it jnoted by staff. We advise not picking overly common criteria such as "female" or "human".

HUNGER: You hunger-frenzy when below half of your blood capacity. You must face this trait either the first time you drop below the halfway mark during a scene, or upon waking if you went to sleep hungry or dropped below half during the daylight hours (due to wound healing, etc.).

LUST: You hunger-frenzy when you encounter a willing mortal victim. Don Juans beware, you will almost assuredly have to face this trait in the course of your hunting.

Monstrous Control Beast Traits

BLOOD SMELL: You can smell the blood in other people, vampires, etc. You will hunger-frenzy in 'crowds', which could be as simple as five people on an elevator with you, and certainly includes the average cocktail party.

DESIRE: You hunger-frenzy whenever you encounter an object of your desire. This is limited to suitable vessels (humans, animals, vampires), but unlike the fetish trait can vary based on your 'tastes' of the moment, and can include people representative of your desires. You want a nice car and spot the driver of that BMW? Check for frenzy. You're on the hunt and spy out an intended victim? Check for frenzy. You want higher status or standing, and encounter a vampire with such? Check for frenzy. Desire is a sociopathic 'I want' reflex, coupled with insatiable hunger.

DIABLERIE: You hunger-frenzy when you encounter an incapacitated vampire, and you will commit diablerie.

INSATIABLE: You hunger-frenzy whenever you taste blood. This flaw is extremely nasty.

MORE: You hunger-frenzy whenever you obtain an object of your desire. Note that unlike the Desire trait (and all other hunger-frenzies), this can include inanimate objects, which you will mindlessly attempt to rend and ingest, possibly injuring yourself to the point of incapacitation in the process. Note that the Selective Feeder Stigma only applies to drinking blood, so is of no help if you frenzy upon that priceless Van Gogh you just acquired.

Courage Beast Traits

Subhuman Courage Beast Traits

BANE: You fear-frenzy when you encounter a certain item (eg:, brandished weapons, bible, wine - pick one to be defined as a jnote, although overly common items are not recommended).

BETA: You fear-frenzy when you are physically threatened by another.

BOUND: You fear-frenzy when you leave your home territory. This territory must be defined in your BOUND jnote, must be contiguous, and can be no larger than a princely Domain in size.

Monstrous Courage Beast Traits

COWARD: You fear-frenzy whenever you witness violence, regardless of its target, intent, or intensity. A friendly punch in the shoulder between comrades could lead to your fleeing the area. Note that this trigger does not occur if you yourself are inflicting violence, unless it is felt appropriate to the situation.

PHOBIA: You fear-frenzy when encountering a certain situation, such as heights, enclosed spaces, open spaces, meeting new people, etc. Choose a situation, which will be recorded in your PHOBIA jnote.

SKITTISH: You fear-frenzy whenever you are surprised or startled in any manner. Cars backfiring, doors slamming open suddenly… even sudden movements can trigger this trait, especially if they are directed towards you.

SUNLIGHT: You fear-frenzy when encountering even the slightest amount of sunlight, including movie or video images of the sun itself (though not movies of mere daylight). Note that this means being abroad during twilight hours will necessitate a check, although the moon will not.

FIRE: You fear-frenzy when you encounter fire of any size, including even a lit cigarette.

PAIN: You fear-frenzy when you take health levels of damage, whether normal or aggravated. You may not heal the damage until you come out of frenzy.

RELIGION: You fear-frenzy when you encounter anything pertaining to a religion. Holy symbols, holy books, holy men/women, and holy places all count, and count regardless of what beliefs you hold or whether the faith involved might be 'true'. Merely passing by a church will just make you uncomfortable, but staying in its presence will necessitate a check.

SHAME: You fear-frenzy when you fail a challenge (through roleplay or +contest) involving physical atributes.

TIMID: You fear-frenzy whenever you feel threatened at all by anything.

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