+bg Displays all the entries in your personal background
+bg <char> Shows you various things you might know about <char>
+bg/clan <char> Shows you clan-related information on <char>
+bg/domain <char> Shows you domain-related information on <char>
+bg/norm <player> (for staff) - as above but w/o secret part
+bg/all <char> Shows all of regular, domain and clan bgs

The following commands can be used to set backgrounds for your character.

+setbg *1=*2 Sets background *1 to *2.
+setbg/add *1=*2 Adds text *2 to the end of background *1
+editbg *1=*2/*3 Edits background *1, replacing *2 with *3

The valid entries for field *1 are:

True Character History
Mortal Backgrounds
mortal occult
Vampire Background
Sect Background
camarilla anarch
Clan Background
brujah gangrel malkavian
nephilim nosferatu toreador
tremere ventrue
Domain Background
los-angeles encirclement
District Background
downtown long-beach north-o.c.
santa monica south-central south-o.c.
torrance valley

All characters MUST set their SECRET and MORTAL backgrounds, and all vampire characters must also set the VAMPIRE background, home clan bg (e.g. GANGREL, VENTRUE, et cetera), home domain bg (LOS-ANGELES for most), and one of either CAMARILLA or ANARCH as appropriate to your character. Though not required for approval, you are encouraged to complete as many bg's as you can.

Please review +news applications/backgrounds for guidelines on what information to provide in your backgrounds.

In the interest of full disclosure, there is another field on your +bg which staff can view that even you cannot see. This records information about you regarding things which you should not know about IC or OOC. E.g. who is your true sire? Or maybe you are a prime candidate for a long-term plot to be developed.

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