Attributes represent your characters physical, social and mental aptitude.

As attribute-levels go, the scale of 1-5 generally represents levels of development along the following scale:

  1. Low aptitude with no development, bottom 20 of the population
  2. Human average, the middle 21-70 of the population
  3. Well-developed or high natural aptitude, upper 71-95 of the population; professional class
  4. Extraordinary and highly developed endowments
  5. Legendary beauty, charm, endurance, or intellect.

Scores of "5" in attributes are rare, and usually cannot go unnoticed. Examples of possible "5" rank individuals include: Albert Einstein (Intelligence), Helen of Troy (Appearance), Bill Clinton (Charisma), and Michael Jordan (Dexterity). "4/4/4" combinations in a single category represent a comparable feat. Both are very unlikely to be approved.

Scores of "1" in attributes are more available but are unlikely to go unnoticed either. "low aptitude" is prone to cause IC disadvantage that is likely to affect your characters background and RP.

Please find the list of Attributes below:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Your raw physical power; how much you can lift or carry, how hard you can hit.
Dexterity: Your physical speed, coordination, balance, and agility - how you move.
Stamina: Your endurance, resilience; your ability to withstand harm, and to keep going under duress.

Social Attributes

Charisma: Your ability to appeal to someone else emotionally, to make them like you, fear you, or respect you by force of personality.
Manipulation: Your ability to manipulate others, to trick them, to scheme, plot and manipulate socially.
Appearance: The combination of your features, bearing, expressions, and intangible presence. This is more than just raw looks; it is the entire package.

Mental Attributes

Perception: Your ability to notice things, and to understand that there is something significant about what you notice; this is partly intuitive, partly based on physical senses.
Intelligence: Your mental ability, including reasoning, memory, complex problem-solving, and the ability to analyze and synthesize data.
Wits: Mental adaptability; your ability to think on your feet; make decisions fast, solve problems, react quickly to new situations and circumstances.

Strength Notes

Do you want to know how strong you are?

Command Usage
+strength Displays how much you can lift as well as a series of examples of what you can do.

Note the outcome is determined through a combination of: Strength, Athletics, Potence.

Appearance Notes

Note for appearance 0: Those creatures unfortunate enough to have an appearance score of 0 are well beyond the mundane terminology of 'ugly'. They're uglier then the elephant man and, as a result, lose social challenges when their appearance is involved. Charm? No. Wit? No. Suave latin lover? Hellll no. An average mortal cannot even stomach the sight without substantial conditioning or another unforeseen factor. Appearance 0 is a curse and should be played that way. Even a thick coating of makeup will not and cannot hide what Mother Nature has turned her back and run screaming from. A special note, however. App 0 is not a replacement for intimidation- disgust and fear are separate.

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