Age is only relevant for vampires. On your character sheet, age reflects what vampiric age-category you belong to. Age entries general are 'Childe', 'Neonate', 'Ancilla' or 'Elder'. This entry can only be set by Architects.

Vampire titles are connected to age as follows:

TITLE AGE (years since embrace)
Childe 0 – 4
Junior Neonate 5 – 50
Senior Neonate 51 – 100
Junior Ancilla 101 – 150
Senior Ancilla 151 – 200
Junior Elder 201 – 300
Senior Elder 300+
Ancient 1000+

You can find more information on the various age-categories and their role in vampire society here.

All characters need to be a minimum of 18 (mortal) years old.

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