Technology and Weapons

It's the dawn of the twenty-first century, and Los Angeles is a center of technological consumerism, if not research or development. Computer networks carry millions of dollars in and out of the city every hour. Cell phone networks are jammed with tens of thousands of users. Only a nobody walks in L.A., but anyone who is anyone has a PDA in their pocket and a broadband internet connection at home. Functions combine in increasingly smaller packages - though perfect portable wireless internet is still experimental — and things become more and more automated.

In many ways, vampires appreciate the anonymity, the ability to act from behind an email address. But at the same time it empowers vampires, it empowers each and every human in the city. Dominate doesn't work through email, or through a cell phone. Technology is ripping vampires away from their traditional power structures. Technology advances quickly, and many vampires find that they simply cannot keep up - they are too old, too set in their ways. Remember that vampires are not as adaptable as mortals, they do not paradigm shift as quickly as humans do.

Technology has brought terrible new weapons into the world as well. The military is equipped to kill efficiently as never before. Assault rifles are smaller, lighter, more powerful than they were just thirty years ago. Portable rockets, bombs, and grenades are all very real threats to the vampire as much as to the mortal. Although such weapons are occasionally found on the streets of Los Angeles, however, their appearance is rare. The elders and the police alike work to keep such armament off the street, in the hands of the army and other institutional sources of power where they can be controlled.

Guns are, by and large, illegal in the city of Los Angeles. Only movie stars and their bodyguards have permits to carry. Carrying a gun means accepting a risk, for even arrest itself can be a threat to the Masquerade. Carrying heavy weaponry such as grenades or full machine guns, although such things can be acquired with the proper influence, is sure to draw the wrath of both the mortal and undead authorities. Few people actually walk the streets of Los Angeles, however, and it is easy enough to hide something in your car, provided you don't get pulled over…

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