What is Theme?

Every Story starts with a Theme.

A theme is a broad idea, message, or lesson conveyed by a work. This message is usually about life, society, or human nature. Themes often explore timeless and universal ideas. Most themes are implied rather than explicitly stated. The theme is different from the superficial outlay of the text; it is normally the meaning of the text on a more abstract level.

The Theme of Los Angeles was determined by the people that created the game.

What kind of Stories do we want to tell here?
What is LA -about-?

The answers to these questions are the very foundation of this Mush. Most of our policies, systems and code have been written to support this Theme.
Architects will always keep this Theme in mind when making decisions.
What's more - Storytelling is a team-effort, so our players are expected to play along.

As a result, before considering to play on Los Angeles, it's wise to read our Theme files. You find them spread out over the documentation on this website, however we provide a list of links and more elaborate explanations here.

Please check if the stories we aspire to tell - suit you.
If they don't then, bluntly said; it may be wiser for you to seek another MUSH to play on, for this place is likely to frustrate you in the end.
If they do then, by all means: Hop into that CharGen room to create a character. Welcome!!

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