Face the Music

Learn the golden rule now:

IC Actions have IC Consequences.

Unless you are playing a Feature PC, no one is going to tell you that you can't do something that is within your character's power. You want to attack a Prince in Elysium? Go ahead. Maybe you can really do it with your suped-up Gangrel War Machine.

Maybe not.

Your character should have his or her own goals and plans. Execute those plans, pursue those goals - whatever they are. Make good RP out of them. There is no over-arching story arc at this MUSH, and any vampire can become Prince or ash through the proper application of scheming, roleplay, and cunning. But remember that your character lives in a city with over one hundred other vampires, and that the elders are powerful; they do not brook threats to that power lightly.

One way or another, for everything your character does, he or she will eventually face the music.

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