LAmush Core Themes

1. Struggle vs Self: Damnation

These are the stories about personal horror: What it means to be a vampire.
Subthemes: The Beast, Inhumanity, Paranoia

2. Struggle vs Nature: World of Darkness

This is our dark, dark world and the challenges it provides.
Subthemes: Los Angeles Out of Control, Survival

3. Struggle vs Others: Conflict

This is the conflict between (n)pc's that drives our story, mostly centered around Camarilla Politics and the Struggle for Power and Autonomy.
Subthemes (among others): Camarilla Politics, Use and Being Used, Suppression, Vampire vs. Mortals, Camarilla vs. Outcasts, Camarilla v Camarilla, Old vs. Young, Clans v clans, Domains v domains, etc.

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