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Erase these Guideline when you're done

A few Rules

Before posting a log, a player must have the consent of all players mentioned in, or participating in, the scene. The only exception made to this rule is in the case of public scenes and events, including general Elysium scenes, as long as those scenes aren't 'private' intimate discussions. Staff will also consistently post non-private scenes with NPCs. Should you be in doubt of a scene's private status, ask the other player.

Players are required to edit their logs to remove undesirables prior to posting. These include:

  • OOC interruptions (page, OOC, channels, verifies, +help, +news, +explains, +contests, etc.).
  • DBRef numbers ex: #1234, found often in room titles.
  • Any shown power cards.
  • Anything else that detracts from the ability to read a log as if it were a story.

Posting Guidelines

You need to be a member of this site (and logged in) before you can add a log.

In order for your page to be recognized as a member of the 'log'-category the name of the page should start with log:.

In order for your page to display correctly in our timeline the title of the page should start with the VR date of the scene, formatted as follows: YXX/MM/DD- Log Title.
If you need help finding the IC Date of your scene, click here for a table comparing RL-VR dates.

Name: log:The Prince's Council
Title: Y15/09/05- The Prince's Council

Once you've saved the page, choose options, then parent, and set the parent to: logs:all

In order for your page to appear in the logs per subject you will need to tag it. A default tag is 'log'.

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