Current Stafflist

Please find the current stafflist below. This list may change with time.
The most recent list can be found by typing: +stafflist

Riots Advisor&Founder
Traffic Advisor&Founder
Imaginos Advisor&Founder&TechArchAsst.
Mudslides Advisor&Founder
Venice Architect <StaffCoordinator/Tremere>
ElSegundo Architect <Toreador/Caitiff>
Malibu Architect <Nosferatu/Ventrue>
MacArthur Architect <Malkavian/Gangrel>
PublicWorks Architect <Brujah/Anarch>&TechArch
FaultLines TechArch
Pretension Advisor
Athens Advisor
Brentwood Advisor
Compton Advisor
Sunset Advisor
Smog Advisor
B-Movie StoryTeller
Comedy StoryTeller
Grindhouse StoryTeller
Blaxploitation StoryTeller
Noir StoryTeller
Amelia Helper <Ventrue>
Will Helper <Tremere>
Samael Helper <Toreador>
Karasu Helper <Toreador>
Jack Helper <Nosferatu>
Apolo Helper <Malkavian/Camarilla>
Melciah Helper <Combat>
Kusala Helper <Caitiff>
Maxine Helper <Brujah/Anarch>
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