Staff Structure

The architect style of administration on MUSHs is not often used. Originally it was formed in connection with TaeisMUSH, and has since been used by a small number of MUSHes, including Sanguinis Nobilis.

We've adapted this system for Los Angeles: A House Divided to cover the sorts of jobs we think need to be done, and to cover the way we want the administration to function.

The key to the architect style of MU* administration is to keep in mind that its basic structure is basically horizontal at the admin level with heavy division of power. Each Architect is empowered and authorized to make all decisions that concern the daily management of their area of responsibility. Decisions and situations with great impact that affect the MUSH at large are tackled by the Architect Core Team.

There are several different types of staff: Architects, Technical Architects, Storytellers, Advisors and Founders. These are described in detail in the following pages.

You will note that there are no "sphere" wizards, because there are no spheres on this MUSH. Play a vampire. Have fun.

You can find out who the Staffers are by using the +staff command.

The Architect Core Team

The Architect Core Team is the assembly of active Architects that run the MUSH. They collectively determine direction on a level of global Theme, systems, game balance, policies & guidelines. The Core Team divides work between them by assigning various areas of responsibility between active Staff members.
Topics and tasks that have not been delegated to a dedicated Architect are managed by the entire Architect Core Team.
In general all Core Team Architects are empowered to handle PC-related tasks such as character approval, XP-spends, arbitration and complaints.

The Staff Coordinator

The Staff Coordinator is the Head of the Architect Core Team; the ultimate arbiter and driving force of the MUSH.
In essence the Staff Coordinator manages and supports Staff on all levels. In this, the Staff Coordinator aims to follow the general vision of the Architect Core Team. Where the Team is unable to find consensus, the Staff Coordinator is the tie breaker.
In order to ensure all tasks and needs are covered and executed in a timely manner the Staff Coordinator is empowered to step in when an Area is not covered.


Architects are Staffers with an assigned area of responsibility and authority. Areas are assigned on a basis of need, but tend to cover the various factions in play, such as: (N)PC Domains, (N)PC Clans, (N)PC Sects and (N)PC Races. Where areas overlap, Architects cooperate.
Architects are responsible for (amongst others) area specific (1) administration guidelines (such as applications and XP-spends) (2) NPCs and management of their Actors (3) Plot development (4) Lore updates and (5) Theme enforcement. Architects are empowered to delegate tasks and assign backups to cover their area during their absence.
All Architects are advised by and answer to the Architect Core Team.

Technical Architects

Technical Architects are the code hackers, in one form or another. Each TechArch is in charge of one or more coded systems such as economy, languages, character generation, powers and such forth. Alternatively they may be in charge of WWW support, site support or any other technical area.
They are also the only Architects who tend to have wizard bits, as it is needed for their position.


Advisors are often, but not always, former Staff who maintain the knowledge banks of the past. The Advisor position does not report to any bit, but serves as an uninvolved, neutral party which offers consultation as requested.
Advisors are not part of the Architect Core Team. They may however, hold additional positions or decision making power on an occasional or temporary basis.


Founders occupy a special place, as these 4 former THEME Architects are the creators of LA. Although they entrust the management and development of LA to the Architect Core Team, the Founders own the Mush and its Server.


Storytellers are responsible for writing plots, executing approved plots and Plot NPC Management. Storytellers make a very important part of Staff, but do not possess Architect status. Their activities are coordinated by the Architect Core Team.


Helpers are not considered Staff, but do show in the Stafflist with their field of expertise. Helpers are experienced players who volunteered and are selected by Staff to help other players and guests. They answer questions on character creation, systems or setting etc. To support Helpers in their task they have an additional Helper Bulletin Board and channel.

Code Modifications:
In order to support the architect system, Architects are set ROYALTY (Z), which allows all architects to examine any object, and teleport freely. See 'help ROYALTY'

The Architect status however is administrative, not technical. All Architects are equal in seniority, whether or not they have wizbits, BACKSTAGE bits, or whatever.

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