Staff Policies

The following policies are here for the information of Architects primarily, but in the interests of open administration, they are available for anyone to read.


All Architects are expected to operate within the code of Architect Ethics and adhere to Staff PC Guidelines


Any Architect may call a meeting for all of the Architects. The individual Architect who calls the meeting is also, unless they so designate it otherwise, responsible for the agenda.

Hiring Architects

Any Architect can nominate a candidate Architect. In order for the new Architect to be hired, the Architects Core Team needs to reach unanimous consensus.


Any Architect may ask other Staffers or Players to handle some subset of their workload. In this, the assistant is accountable to a particular architect, and Architects are accountable for their assistant.

Holding more than one position

Since we don't always have enough staff to fill all the positions, some Architects may handle more than 1 areas and positions. We would like to have enough good staff that we wouldn't have to do this, but them's the breaks.

Playing NPC's

  • Architects should not mess around with an NPC who is not assigned to them without first discussing any potential action with the designated player of the NPC and receiving a go-ahead.
  • Staff should endeavor to keep documented records (in journals, logs, et cetera) of things done with an NPC for the reference of future players of the NPC.
  • Staff should avoid creating seat-of-the-pants, "Deus ex Machina" events that steamroll players and their roleplay or else create untenable situations for game balance as a whole. NPCs are there to provide continuity, theme and balance. Ideally, the majority of NPCs should be used only as needed for the benefit of player characters and to serve the purposes of the overarching stories of the MUSH.

New Code

  • No new code should be released unless the +help files are simultaneously updated to reflect any changes.
  • No new systems or major system revisions should be put in place until all active staff have had a chance to weigh in on them, they have been fully documented in both +news and +help, and a strong effort has been made to integrate them into the game seamlessly, with help available to players who require it.

Abuse of Architect Status

In the case of a player-registered complaint against an Architect, the architects of the Architect Core Team may determine, based on the evidence at hand, whether a full hearing is justified. A full hearing shall involve statements by the complainant or complainants, as well as statements by the Architect being accused. If an Architect is found by a vote of the Architect Core Team to have abused his or her position, a second vote shall determine if the penalty is loss of Architect status or banning from the MUSH.

Please also bear in mind that we will take complaints /very/ seriously. To that end, we will also frown on spurious complaints. In the first instance, players should always ask for Arbitration.


If all Core Team Architects determine that one of the Architects is deserving of such a fate, that individual can be impeached at any time, though all Architects must be informed of such an incident immediately upon proceedings.
The Architect Core Team cannot impeach any of the Founders, and any of the Founders can overrule any impeachment decisions.

Chief Architect

Traffic is the Chief Architect. This means only one thing - in the event of irreparable breakdown of the MUSH admin structure, he reserves the right to deal with it. In no other way does he have any more authority than any other Architect.

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