Staff PCs

Staff is of the opinion that it is important for Architects and Storytellers to -play- for the purpose of enjoyment and motivation, and keeping in touch with RP-reality. As a result, Staff is both allowed and encouraged to have Player Characters. Due to Staff's special position however, Staff PCs are subject to the following guidelines and policies:

1) Staff PC's get no advantages, disadvantages or special treatment. They are treated as any other player - based on their IC/OOC efforts.

2) Requests and +jobs from a Staff PC will not be handled by the Staffer that plays them. Similarly, Staff will be discriminate where it comes to handling the +jobs of their PC's direct IC allies and enemies.

3) Because Staffers are privy to a lot of OOC/IC information, they will do their very best to be discriminate in what their PC can know IC-ly. They can only use information that they actually acquired with their PC.

4) Staff should keep in mind that the actions of their PC's may reflect on the entire Architect and Storyteller Team, which means that their behavior should be exemplary and polite (See Staff Ethics).

5) Formal complaints about an Architect's PC will not be handled by the Architect that plays them. In case a player doesn't trust himself to +feedback a complaint, the player can @mail the complaint to the Staff Coordinator. If the complaint is about the PC's of the Staff Coordinator, the player can @mail the complaint to a minimum of 2 other Architects. @mailed complaints will be handled as any other complaint.

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