Off Duty

It is imperative players honor the off-duty and dark flags on staff and only page or interrupt them if specifically invited to do so. Staff who are off-duty are removed from the +staff and +who listings, and noted as (Off-duty) on +cwho <channel>. The last makes sure players are aware of everyone who might be listening in to conversations on non-public channels.

Staff will typically set themselves off-duty when catching up on @mail, +jobs, writing +news / +bbpostings, or dealing with specific players or a scene - staff will make it very clear to the players who are invited to page / interact with them.

We always encourage use of +feedback first and foremost for staff requests, and @mail as a backup if privacy is needed or it is a personal or social matter.

Please do not place the burden on staff to remind you they are off-duty and cannot immediately page with or chat with you. Staff-will self-police for "Did you forget to turn your 'off-duty' off?" and you can always ask an On-Duty staffer or Helper for assistance and they can perhaps query the off-duty staffer if needed.

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