How to contact Staff

Staff can be contacted two ways.

  1. For log submissions, sensitive issues or things that don't require immediate responses or, preferably, any response then they can be contacted via email at archs at
  2. For in-game requests such as questions (IC or OOC), complaints, suggestions, bug reports, building, weapons, pitches, etc. the +feedback system should be used.

The only exceptions are as follows:

  • In chargen, characters should use +approve code to submit their application.
  • To use xp, characters should use +xp/request.
  • Guests or to new players in Chargen: Guests and new players should not hesitate to page staff if they need any type of help.

Use of +feedback

The +feedback code is linked to the Anomaly Jobs 5.0 system to manage our admin tasks. It is a feature-rich task-tracker.

The +feedback code is meant to replace page and +mail as means of communication between players and staff. While staff can be contacted via page, they will often request that the +feedback system be used instead. Answers via +feedback are the only official, binding replies.

The reasoning behind this policy is:

  1. Time Management: There are far more players, plots and questions then there are staff to answer them.
  2. +jobs do not disappear without being handled. This prevents player-requests from slipping through the cracks, even when individual staffers go idle for a while.
  3. Any questions posed via +feedback are visible to all Architects. In addition all closed +jobs are archived for future reference. This allows staff to operate transparently with one another and, as a result, ensure fairness and an even hand that is balanced by multiple opinions.

As staff, we commit to try our best to provide some form of response to +feedback within 3 days. There are a few exceptions to this- +pitches are never guaranteed a reply, applications and xp requests may take longer depending on the circumstances. If staff fails to respond within three days, adding to the original feedback is the best way to bring staff's attention back to the job.

Feedback Commands

+feedback/request <title>=<description> This command requests <title> and <description> from staff. The request is added to the jobs list and will be tended to as soon as possible. Please do not bug staff - it will be handled shortly. There is a standard three day turnaround time on +feedback/requests.
+feedback/pitch <title>=<description> This command tosses an idea to staff. The idea can be story related or just an idea on how to make the game better. PITCH jobs are different from those created with +feedback/request. They are not issued due dates. Staff is under no obligation to even answer them. By procedure, they are either discarded with no fanfare, tucked away for future implementation or they are run with either in modified or unmodified form. For story pitches, it puts a story idea into the RP jobs bucket. Now, this is not a request for a TP, this is a method of giving story ideas, or theme ideas, to the staff for consideration. If you want to request a scene, use +feedback/request.
+feedback/bug <title>=<description> This command is used for bug reporting. In <title> put the command that is bugged, or something else appropriate. Please be as descriptive as possible in the <description> field. What were the results you were expecting? What happened in its place? By giving lots of detail here, it saves us the time of tracking you down to drag the information out of you. Thanks.
+feedback/typo <typo description> This command reports a typo. Please be specific about where the typo is, what the typo is, and what you think it should be changed to.

Keeping Track of Jobs

This suite of commands allows the submitter to view and modify jobs that they have submitted to the system:

+myjobs Lists the Jobs that you have access to
+myjob <#> Displays the text of Job #. When viewing a job that you own, you can only see the comments that you have added, not comments added by others.
+myjob/add <#>=<comment> Adds a comment to Job #, that all those with access to the Job can see.
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