The anarchs

Describing the anarchs we start with a summary on the Anarchs according to White Wolf canon, then elaborate on what the differences are with LAmush. What your character knows about the anarchs is available in the anarch Lore files you are able to read.

Anarchs according to White Wolf canon

The Anarchs are a sect of vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade. They, like all vampires, are considered members of the Camarilla by default, but unlike the Sabbat they are tolerated, as per the terms of the Convention of Thorns. Anarchs are often targeted for recruitment by the Sabbat, but most respect the Masquerade and some of the other Traditions, even if they do not respect the vampires who enforce them.

Although Anarchs are technically members of the Camarilla, they reject the Camarilla's top down power structure, and aim to change it into the grand protector of vampires it claims to be. Anarchs especially resent the privileged status held by Elders within the Camarilla and other vampire organisations; when the eldest hold the most power in a society of immortals, the lot of Neonates is not a happy one.
The name refers to their favor of an anarchic form of social organization over the Camarilla's traditional, hierarchal form. The misconception that Anarchs are a nihilistic cult, wishing to spread chaos and disorder is encouraged by the vampire elders, who hold most of the power in the game world.
Membership of the Anarchs is wide and varied, but the majority of its members are drawn from the clans of the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Whilst it is possible for members of independent Clans or Bloodlines to join, they are less frequently counted amongst the Anarchs numbers.

The Anarch's historical origins lie in the Anarch Revolt which birthed the Sabbat, but in the modern nights they are mostly an unorganised rabble of younger vampires and Caitiff. "Anarch" was originally a name imposed upon them by Camarilla Elders, since they sought to overthrow the leadership structures of Cainite society, but while many new Anarchs are indeed anarchists, the more traditional desire has been to bring democracy (or at least meritocracy) to vampire society.

What's different on LAmush?


The first thing to understand about the anarchs is that there is no such thing as an "Anarch" sect, there are only vampire characters who are unwelcome or hunted by the powers that be. "Anarch" is not a term describing a unified group of vampires, it is a title — a generalization — that the elders use to describe those who refuse to obey. Anarchs are outlaws who are neither bound nor protected by the Traditions. Think anarch with a small "a".

Many a vampire lives in a small town in solitude, beholden to no Prince. If that vampire were to begin breaking the Masquerade, they would soon find out that the Princes' reach can be long, indeed. But to live in a city is to accept the presence of other vampires, which is to accept the presence and influence of the Prince, or Princes in the case of Los Angeles. All who live within the city are subject to the rule of one Prince or another, and the powers those Princes wield are considerable and should not be tested lightly.

It can be tempting to view the anarchs as "heroes," champions of democracy fighting against the elders' tyranny. Some of those labeled 'anarch' do view themselves this way, but do not be fooled: they are vampires, monsters struggling for their humanity every bit as much as the elders. Many who struggle against the elders' rule are wise, smart, sophisticated. Many are violent street toughs, fiercely proud and territorial. But very few openly oppose the powers. Some simply try to stay out of the way and out of trouble; some are subversive. They suffer loss of status, true, but so long as they cleave to the Traditions, their lives and havens are not in jeopardy.

That said, Los Angeles does have true 'anarchs,' vampires who violently oppose the powers of the Princes. But even those few brave creatures do not force the elders to tip their hand. It is a fine line, the line between fighting and destruction, between struggle and Lextalionis. On this MUSH, all IC actions have IC consequences. If your character wishes to fight against the power of the Princes, he or she may do so. He or she may earn the label 'anarch.' But if the character is clever, they will play the Princes off against each other, seeking favor from one, fighting another.

It's a dangerous game. Are you ready to play it?

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