What is Roleplay?

Let's pretend for grown ups. Some of us pretend to be Vampires, some pretend to be normal humans, and we have adventures.

Roleplaying is about taking on the character of another person, someone different from yourself. It is quite easy to 'play yourself', particularly in a MUSH such as this where things are so like the real world, but role-playing really comes to life when we are more adventurous.

The heart of roleplaying is a good concept for your character. Character concept is something that you create, in your mind, or on paper, for yourself. Yes, the RP staff *will* ask you about it, or ask for a copy of one before you are allowed certain things, but it is primarily something you make for yourself. (after Didi@CoD)

Basic Terms

Following are some terms that you may see used in the course of play and idle time as well as their definitions. Please note that these definitions are the opinion of this MUSH and not necessarily the same on other MUSHes.

OOC - Out of Character: This term describes when you, as a player, are talking to another player about any topic but the words are not from your character directly. You may be discussing where each player is from but not where the characters are from. OOC discussions are, more often thannot, about the fate of a particular character, what is the next move of the character, directions to a place to meet or information about a character that one player would like to share with another. They should be made via pages ('help page'), or in the OOC room.

IC - In Character: Obviously, the opposite of OOC. When you are in complete roleplaying mode. You must be 'in character' to accrue votes for experience.

PC - Player Character ("PC"): Any character designed for this MUSH and played for the enjoyment of a single person. Anybody who logs on and makes a character has made a PC.

NPC - Non Player Character ("NPC"): These are characters on the MUSH that are generally run by the staff. These characters are used to further plots along or aid other PCs in furthering a plot. These NPCs are generally played for a limited time and have a limited use. Often, if you were to see a ghost or a dead body… or something of that nature, like as not, it is an NPC.

ARBITER - When two or more players have a conflict, or a person is trying to attempt something by themselves that involves their stats, an ARBITER is usually called. An Arbiter is an Architect who helps players resolve disputes that they cannot resolve themselves.

TWINK - This is more of a slang term. A TWINK is a player who seems more intent on ruining everybody's good time than they are in forwarding the theme of the game. Their stats may be skewed so that no one could beat them in a fair fight or they may use knowledge gained OOC to further their IC interests.

RL - Real Life: Anything that pertains to you and what you do outside of this environment of Los Angeles.

VR - Virtual Reality: Anything that pertains to the environment of Los Angeles, Internet itself or other computer generated, graphically enhanced, non real life experiences.

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