Storytellers are Staff members who are responsible for writing plots, running approved plots and managing Plot NPCs for the plots they run.

Storytellers are hired/fired and managed by the Architect Core Team in order to ensure that Plots and Plot NPC's remain in line with Setting, Balance, Theme and the general needs of the game and its players.
Occasionally Architects may choose to assign a Storyteller-bit on a temporary basis for the purpose of running a single approved plot.

Storytellers can see most character settings, including +sheet, backgrounds and +jnotes. In addition they are granted a few special powers to help facilitate: access to several +jobs (including player pitches and botched hunts) limited access to lores, understanding languages, posting to Media boards, inserting rumors and unlocking coded doors.

Due to this extended range of powers and IC information, Storyteller are expected to adhere to Staff Ethics and Staff Policies as far as applicable.

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