Finding Roleplay

Once you're approved you're finally ready to do what you're here for; Roleplaying and Storytelling. But, then you might wonder.. How do you do this? How do you get involved in the plots that are out there?

Especially those new to MUSHing should keep in mind that LA, like any MUSH is not a Table Top, LARP or MMORGP. Although Staff runs some plots, story will generally not be brought to you. You need to go out and find it, or better yet; you create it yourself in cooperation with other players. Players are each-others Antagonists and Protagonists. Every player conquers their character's own niche.

This file offers a list of tips and tricks to help you find and create interesting story. The list is not exhaustive at all and you may find many other ways to get your character involved.

1. Finding Roleplay

  1. Check if a scene is going on via +who and +hangout. When this scene is in a public room that your character would reasonably visit, you may simply join the scene. If you're uncertain on the scene's accessibility, page the involved players first.
  2. Visit one of the RP-hotspots. Characters in these rooms tend to be looking for roleplay, so even when no-one is there, other players may join if they see you on. Elysia hotspots are at:
    1. Go to C1. Enter the LACMA -> Courtyard -> Ahmanson
  3. Secret Clan hangouts. Their locations are mentioned in your clan lore. If your clan lore is not high enough, maybe a fellow player will take you there.
  4. Use the channel '=pu <text>' and ask people if they would be up for a scene.
  5. Page individual players and ask if they would be interested to set up a scene.
  6. Identify who you would like to RP with via '+offices <domain>', '+map <domain>', '+statuslist/long', '+prestige <clan>', '+bg/all <name>', and send the player an @mail with the request to schedule a scene.

Note: Some characters are inactive, so unlikely to respond. You can verify if a player logged in recently by typing; '+finger <name>'.
Also: Some characters are NPCs. You can find a list of Feature NPCs here. When you wish to contact a NPC it is wise to submit a scene request via; +feedback.

2. Get in the Know

When your character first enters the grid, he will want to get an impression of the various plots and developments out there:

  1. Check out +rumor. Here you find the latest gossip on current events.
  2. Read the media messages on BBS 11-14. Some of these articles are linked to plot. If your character wishes to investigate the events they refer to, you can +feedback your actions to Staff.
  3. When you're a vampire; visit the Elysia and skim the IC message-boards for recent developments in the vampire world. The IC message boards are quite important since they may include IC guidelines on what you need to do when you're new in the Domain. You find them at the RP hotspots mentioned in 1b:
    1. In the Ahmanson Building (LACMA): type 'join 1' and read BBS 18.
    2. Most clans have IC means to communicate, such as BBS messages in hangouts, computer systems etc. These are either located in the clan Hangout or mentioned in your clan lore.

3. Cover Basic Needs

All characters have a few basic needs that tend to significantly prolong their unlife. Arranging these basic needs are good plothooks for characters new on the grid, especially since you often need other characters to acquire them. It doesn't stop there either, since your character might need to pay for the favor with a boon, you then find more RP when being asked to repay the boon. Basic needs may include:

  1. When you're an upstanding member of the Camarilla, you may wish to get acknowledged by the officers of the Domain. Identify your offices by typing; '+offices <domain>'.
  2. You need to hunt (See The Hunt). Although you have the option of poaching, an upstanding member of the Camarilla would negotiate hunting-rights with one of the landowners on +map. Identify landowners by typing: '+map <domain>'.
  3. Introduce yourself to the important vampires of your clan. To identify vampires of your clan, type; '+prestige <clan>'.
  4. When you have a hard time catching the officers, landowners or clan-members you need online, please do not hesitate to request a scene via @mail.
  5. You may wish to request help with setting up a new Haven, your Haven's security, recruiting security personnel or acquiring a weapon.
  6. Approach characters with skills or influences necessary to keep the Masquerade in order to cover the bureaucratic or legal challenges of your non-aging such as; getting a passport, forged pictures and certificates, re-directing money and possessions to alternate identities, disarm situations that are a potential breach etc.

4. Build relationships with other characters

  1. Read the backgrounds of other characters (+bg/all <name> and (optionally) talk with the other player about past or future relationships and plot-hooks. Please verify significant past relationships (friendships, enmities, mortal family, related by b) with Staff.
  2. During scenes, characters are encouraged to involve each other in the various personal or staff-run plots.
  3. Swear your allegiance to a (clan)Elder, officer, future regnant etc. They might be able to involve you in plot or delegate things to you. Try to be proactive in serving them; report important developments, spread propaganda to increase their status etc.
  4. Found a coterie. Coteries may be like small communities protecting their territory, or groups of like-minded individuals that help each other pursue a shared goal.
  5. Adopt a mortal character and create a ghoul or Childe (you may want permission!).
  6. Post a casting call on BBS 8 for a character with a specific relationship to your own such as a Sire, Childe, enemy or rival. It may be wise to +feedback your concept to Staff first.

5. Pursue ambition

Once settled most vampires start to expand their powerbase:

  1. Play the political game; Forge alliances and enmities and seal them with status-votes and denounces. Investigate who praises/denounces who. Investigate rumors and gossip about who says what.
  2. Lobby to get you and yours appointed to a position such as (assistant)-Keeper, Deputy, Sheriff, Harpy etc.
  3. Lobby to acquire land (See Standing): A grid to call your own.
  4. Then, when you have land or a position; enforce the Traditions. Ask people to investigate your land for poachers (via Hunters Investigation), patrol your land, denounce/chase/punish a violator etc.
  5. Information: Exchange secrets about recent developments, ask someone to spy on your rival or friend to discover her true loyalties and weaknesses.
  6. Find characters to teach you new lores, abilities or disciplines that you want to buy with XP, then negotiate how you repay them for their teachings. Technically you might get these on your own, but it's more fun to involve others and roleplay.
  7. Ask other characters to help you expand backgrounds and influences, then negotiate how you could repay them for their service.
  8. Roleplay learning or discovering a new power. Perhaps you used it accidentally. Perhaps it goes wrong the first couple of times?

6. Personal Goals

Think on what your character's IC goals are and go for them. Goals often are in line with your character's background and story; goals, obsessions, weaknesses etc. A few examples:

  1. Acquire roaming rights to an area/building that you wish to visit
  2. Acquire rights to control an influence/building in an area not owned by you
  3. Initiate influence actions in order to improve your neighborhood
  4. Pursue a personal ambition like becoming a Hollywood/Rock-star
  5. Find an artist to paint a picture of your Nosferatu Primogen
  6. Create a present to win the favour of the newly appointed Seneschal
  7. Get an item/mortal that you just -need- to have
  8. A fancy outfit for that Court in Santa Monica
  9. Help pull a prank on that snobby Toreador
  10. Help trace and torture a retainer of the vampire that insulted you
  11. Find psychiatric aid for your mindraped retainer
  12. Andsoforth…

7. Initiate Plot

Be proactive and initiate plots and events:

  1. +rumor and gossip about interesting situations you encounter. Spread misinformation that works in your advantage or sends your rivals astray.
  2. Offer your services publicly, for example via +rumor or IC BBS.
  3. Make mistakes: ICly-chase after a conspiracy theory that you OOC-ly know to be bogus, accidentally insult an Elder, trespass (walking into another Domain without permission) per accident, botch a hunt. (A word of advice in this: Don't overdo it, lest the backlash might be larger than anticipated. When uncertain, contact Staff).
  4. Organize an event for mortals/vampires: a hunt, a contest/tournament, a party/festival, a mass, a lecture, a clan/coterie/Domain-meeting, a ritual etc. You may announce such events via the appropriate BBS and +rumor-arenas.
  5. Chase secrets and follow up on happenings and situations that are described in the lores and +news-files.
  6. Think of a development related to your character and submit a BBS article to Staff.

8. Submit a Plot Request

You may have a plot in mind that involves your character, but with parameters you do not control. In these cases you are welcome to +feedback your plot-request to Staff. Staff does not follow up on all such requests, but when the plot is realistic and enjoyable to a group of players, it is likely we will.

9. Submit a Plot Pitch

You may have general plot -ideas that do not involve your character perse. Please +feedback your plot-request to Staff. We are always interested in plot ideas. We even may ask you if you wish to run the plot yourself: You can find guidelines on writing and running plots here

10. Create an Alt

Create an alternate vampire or mortal character that you can RP with when plot is slow with your main.

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