In order to promote Theme, Setting and story, Staff occasionally is in need of characters that fulfill a specific purpose. When the role of this character is particularly demanding on a level of balance, understanding and consistency, these characters will be Feature NPCs. When the constraints of the role allow for more room, or require high levels of activity, Staff prefers to recruit a Feature PC from the player base.

Feature Purpose

Feature Characters exists by the grace of the need they fulfill. Many of their IC-goals, political outlook (alliances & enmities) and much of their background and stats, will be determined by their Feature purposes. Examples of such purposes are:

1) PRESENCE - The Feature fills a Non-CharGen Neonate spot that is necessary for a 'complete' and fleshed out setting in which the different (conflicting) types and factions are represented. They can be a Senior Neonate, an Ancilla, a member of a rare clan or faction, special mortals or retainers etc.

2) CONNECTION - The Feature serves as a 'link' between the Setting and the playerbase at large. This may include a relationship with an important NPC or NPC-faction (ally or enemy, (grand)childe, thrall) or a connection to the mortal world (specific influences, events, places or retainers). The Features position also tends to define their political outlook; alliances and enemies.

3) THEME - The Feature enforces one or several of LA's Themes such as the vampire theme of damnation, a specific clan-theme, Camarilla or anarch-theme, Neonate or Ancilla-theme etc. A character thinks, behaves, (inter)acts and solves problems in specific ways that are thematic for their faction. This may include actually being a nasty backstabbing monster, enforcement of vampiric rules such as the Traditions, Prestation and basic etiquette, and coming down on those that break them.

4) ROLE - The Feature may fill a specific role that CharGen Neonates left open. These could be positions of leadership that include teachings, guidance, protection and punishment. But they also could be rebels, spies or infiltrators that initiate conflict and strife.

5) PLOT - Features use the position, connection, powers and plothooks they are given, in order to generate RP for themselves -and- others. They are expected to initiate and support plot for the playerbase at large by stirring conflict, forging alliances, involvement, delegation of tasks etc.

In order to fulfill their purpose, Features may receive extra background-links, NPC-attention, years of experience (XP) or the possibility to expand beyond normal CharGen Neonate limits.
It is important to note that extra's are not given in order to enable the Feature to shine more brightly than an average CharGen Neonates. They are granted in order to allow the Feature to play their part for the benefit of the game at large.

Contrary to Feature NPC's, Feature PC's are created, played and owned by the player. Although Feature PC's are bound to their purpose, the fun of the Feature player is very important. They are free to engage in any RP, and make any choice, as long as it doesn't go against their Feature +jnote. The Feature +jnote is a 'contract' that details and records mutual expectations and agreements between the Feature player and Staff.

You can find information on how to apply for a feature here.

Feature Troubleshooting

Sometimes a Feature player may find themselves unable to fulfill their purpose any longer, and sometimes Architects may feel the Features is not living up to agreements. If this is the case, the player and the Architects will aim to find a solution.
When no desirable solution can be found, the character looses its Feature status. This generally will mean character retirement, or (if possible) finding IC/OOC means to down-tune the character to a standard CharGen Neonate power level.

Note: In accordance with our (in)activity policy, the above also means that Features with activity-requirements are obligated to announce and negotiate periods of extended inactivity. When inactivity continues to the level that the Feature's role is not fulfilled appropriately, Architects issue a warning first, then reserve the right to disapprove the character and replace it with a new Feature.

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