Los Angeles is home to 15 million mortals, masses of humanity clogging the roads, welfare offices, jails, prisons, schools, parking lots, and stores - virtually everything save sidewalks. Every race, creed, and nationality exists, a microcosm of the larger world, thrown often times too close together. These milling masses are the energy fueling the city, the source of its vitality and power.

Humanity is, in the modern age of Los Angeles, crawling out from years and years of undead domination. At last, through technology and sheer recklessness, humanity is once again on the rise. Vampires ruled the industrial age because of its hierarchical structures, and by most accounts they manage to cling to that rule. But the modern nights are decentralized, and the undead feel the tethers slipping out of control. Now, more than ever, the Masquerade is of vital importance.

White Wolf © White Wolf
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