Types of Blood

There is blood, and then there is Blood. Vampires also call Blood Vitae.

  1. The blood drunk from an animal or mortal is just that: blood
  2. When this blood enters the system of the vampire, it becomes vampiric Blood.
  3. Finally it is rumoured that a vampire possesses 'Hearts Blood' or 'Essence', that makes the very basis of its existence


The name 'Sanguinis' is a representation of the strength of a vampire's blood. For those familiar with White Wolf, Sanguinis replaces "Generation" in White Wolf Mechanics. Sanguinis levels 1-6 are roughly equivalent to Generations 13-8, respectively.
Sires almost always have higher Sanguinis than their childer, and elders almost always have higher Sanguinis than neonates. It is said that the blood grows more powerful with age, but it is also true that the childe of a great elder may possess remarkably strong blood.
The lowest possible Sanguinis a vampire can have is 1. A higher Sanguinis corresponds to a larger blood capacity and potency. The actual effect of Sanguinis on a vampire character is integrated in to the +blood code below.
A vampire's Sanguinis increases inexorably as it ages. However, given the brief span of time that this MUSH covers, such increases of Sanguinis will -never- occur after character creation. That said, there may be other ways for a vampire permanently or temporarily to increase their Sanguinis (See Diablerie), but knowledge of such matters is guarded. Check your +news lores to see if your character has more knowledge of such matters.

Blood Systems

A vampire may use the Blood in their system to increase their physical prowess, including their strenght, dexterity and stamina. In addition a vampire may use this Blood to heal.
Our system measures the quantity of Blood present in a vessel or vampiric system in 'Blood points'. One blood point represents at least a half a pint in volume, up to a full pint for those of 1st Sanguinis.

  1. Increase Physical Attributes: Vampires may expended these Blood Points to add to physical attributes. A physical attribute cannot normally be increased above 5 in this manner. The increase lasts for one situation or scene, for example - one combat, while you attempt to break down a door and wreck the room on the other side. When you come out of frenzy, if any of your physical statistics are enhanced, they return to normal.
  2. Healing: Blood points can also be expended to heal wounds. One blood point will restore one health level. Aggravated wounds can only be healed during the day when you are asleep and cost three blood points to heal. You can only heal one aggravated wound per day's sleep.

The number of blood points you can spend on any one test is noted on your character sheet. If you're spending them outside of tests, the number is how many blood points you can expend in 5 seconds. The effects of these points will last till the end of the situation.

Blood Commands

The +blood command allows vampires and ghouls to manipulate their vitae pool.

Command Usage
+blood +blood tells you how much vitae you have, how fast you can spend it, etc.
+blood/pump <attribute>=<num> +blood/pump expends <num> points to increase the physical attribute <attribute>.
+blood/expend <num> +blood/expend simply burns <num> blood points.
+blood/revert +blood/revert restores your physical attributes to normal.
+blood/heal <num> +blood/heal expends <num> blood points to heal <num> levels of normal damage.
+blood/prove to <player or 'here'> +blood/prove verifies to <player or 'here'> your vitae/action rate

The commands that expend blood will not allow you to expend more blood than you may burn in one action turn with a single command. All of the above also inform other players present what you have done.


Kurt is trying to break down a door. He has 10 blood points, and can only spend one per test. His strength is 2, and he knows he cant break it down at that level. He expends one blood point, waits 5 seconds, then expends another. Then he tries to break the door down. He fails, so he expends another blood point, bringing his strength to the maximum of 5. Now, he succeeds, and the door shatters. The situation is over, so his strength falls back to its original 2.

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