This discipline allows the vampire to call on the power of his blood to perform magic. It allows the learning of Paths and Rituals.
This allows a wide range of powers, including controlling weather, fire, telekinesis, controlling water, and others. It is suspected that all Tremere have access to a common path, the Path of Blood (q.v.).

Paths & Rituals

Thaumaturgy is an unusual discipline in that it does not convey any powers other than access to sub-disciplines called 'Paths'. (+listinfo paths)

One may never possess a Path at a level greater than one's score in Thaumaturgy.

Typically, clans with access to Thaumaturgy have its skill level bound to a specific path. For example, Clan Tremere has Thaumaturgy bound to Path of Blood. Mortal sorcerers may have it bound to Path of Sorcery or Path of Summoning, depending on the source of their power. It is rumored some other clans may have other power sources that raise in conjunction with their Thaumaturgy skills.

Thaumaturgy also provides access to Rituals (In Game: +listinfo rituals).

Rituals are lasting magical bindings that typically require material components and significant investment of time and labor to achieve. Rituals also may not be learned at a level exceeding the ritualist's Thaumaturgy rating, unless employing special accoutrements. Rituals also often have dependencies on certain paths that are implicitly tapped in the ritual's casting.

Additionally, all active rituals terminate when the ritualist enters torpor. However, self-sustaining rituals endure until the death of the ritualist or until the conditions for failure of the ritual are met.

Finally, paths are not necessarily available to all clans or Thaumaturges.

Thaumaturgy FAQ

Q: Can I boost physical attributes above my normal limit using Path of Blood 3?
A: No. The power card explicitly lists the things you can increase using Path of Blood 3. You gain no other benefits from the effective generation increase.

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