This discipline gives the vampire supernatural charisma, the ability to control the emotions of others. It normally requires that the victim can see the vampire.
The powers of Presence are believed to be roughly as follows (probably less accurately on the higher powers):

  1. The power to command the attention and respect of others
  2. The power to bring fear to others
  3. The power to command love from others
  4. The power to summon others from a distance
  5. The power to demand universal respect from all others

Dominate & Presence FAQ

Q: Can I interpret a Dominate command literally, in order to pervert the intent of it?
A: Yes, as long as you obey the command as given. However, in order to do this, you'd need to realize you'd been dominated. (Please refer to the guidelines on detecting powers).

Q: Will sunglasses/mirrorshades/etc. stop a Dominate attempt?
A: Absolutely not. Dominate is a supernatural discipline. If the dominate power has the "Eye Contact" power modifier, then it only requires the target to look into the user's eyes for the briefest of moments, and those with Dominate have a "sixth sense" about when that occurs. Note that this does mean the -user- of Dominate will need to remove their own cool shades, assuming they're too opaque for the eyes to be seen. Also, it will not work through a remote technological device such as a security camera. But those night-vision goggles you've got strapped on are nothing compared to the centuries-old power of Dominate.

Q: But as long as I avoid eye contact, they can't Dominate me, right?
A: If the power as the "Eye Contact" modifier, then yes. However, to even know to take these sorts of precautions, you should have Vampire Lore 4, or the Dominate discipline yourself. And truthfully, when is the last time you had a conversation with someone that didn't involve any eye contact whatsoever? Be realistic here, and don't be surprised if your status suffers should you fail to look at your Elder when he asks you to. Finally, in combat any attempts to fight while avoiding eye contact will automatically give away advantage, and should a Dominate user win an Evade contest in order to use the power, then consider yourself to have made contact despite your best efforts otherwise.

Q: What if someone attempts to Dominate my character into doing something that I feel is extremely out of character, or what if I really hate the person who uses Presence on me?
A: Well, the short answer to that is that if it wasn't out of character, they wouldn't need to use a power card to make you do it, would they?
The long answer would involve a discussion of how it takes maturity to roleplay out adverse situations, how things don't always go your way, and how getting hit with Dominate is just like getting hit with Potence. They are both power cards, and they both allow characters to do things that they otherwise would not be able to do. It is up to the players - both the power user and the one affected - to provide the "coding" for these powers through excellent and cooperative roleplaying.

Q: Can I spend Willpower to resist a power use even if I am not aware the power is being used against me?
A: Yes. Willpower is a statistic that is under the control of you, the player. It can just as easily represent the subconscious mind fighting to assert itself as it can represent an active act of will. Spend if you like.

Q: I'm an ancillae with Standing and a high Status. Some rank neonate is trying to dominate me — can they do that?
A: Well… yes, they can. You get to claim advantage because of your status (subject to a +status/ignore) and if you realize it's been done, there could be terrifying repercussions. But a power card is a power card, and if they have the ability to pull it off, then it works. This applies to Presence and other compulsive powers as well.

Q: Dominate and Presence just suck. I want to RP my character the way I want to, and I don't think other people should be able to control that. Can't I just not be dominated?
A: No. Please refer to our guidelines on disciplines and power-use for an explanation of when and how powers can be reasonably resisted ICly. However, we do stress cooperative (OOC) RP here, even though neither Presence nor Dominate are cooperative powers ICly. What this means in practice is that part of roleplaying out adverse circumstances is being willing to engage in OOC dialogue with the other player where necessary to collaborate on a result which is acceptable to both parties.

For example:

Mark the Malkavian wants to dominate Gemma the Gangrel into apologising for ripping his best jacket and agreeing to owe him a minor boon. Gemma's player tells Mark's player OOCly that although her character would not be ICly thrilled with this, she's agreeable with the dominate to apologise but is unhappy OOCly with being dominated into giving a boon. After some brief and civil OOC discussion, Mark's player agrees that really all his character wanted was to see her grovel and that the idea of dominating someone into owing a boon is likely to backfire horrendously on his character's status. The pair play out the command as agreed and make an appropriate contest to see if it works.

Q: I am trying to use my Dominate or Presence powers on someone and they are refusing to cooperate at all. What can I do?
A: Refusing to be subject to a power is the same as refusing to use the +hurt command in combat: it's cheating. Please see arbitration for policies relating to issues which cannot be resolved by discussion between players.

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