This discipline allows a vampire to cloud the minds of others so that they cannot see her. It operates on the subconscious mind. Auspex is known to be somewhat effective in penetrating Obfuscate.
The powers of Obfuscate are believed to be roughly as follows (probably less accurately on the higher powers):

1. The power to remain hidden, while not moving
2. The power to move about unseen
3. The power to alter one's appearance
4. The power to vanish in an instant
5. The power to alter one's aura at will

Obfuscate FAQ

Q: Can I sneak through a door behind someone else while Obfuscated?
A: Maybe. You can follow someone through a door while obfuscated without a test, provided they do not explicitly state that they are only opening the door wide enough to get through, etc. - ie, unless they explicitly state they are taking precautions against being followed by an Obfuscated vampire. A character should have Vampire Lore 4, have Obfuscate themselves, or possess Clan Lore 1 from a clan with Obfuscate as a clan discipline, in order to be able to take such precautions.
If the person you are following states that they are taking such precautions, and you follow anyway, that is considered to be taking an obvious action to draw attention to yourself (see +power/modifier attention).
As a side note, you generally cannot get into a car with someone unless there are special circumstances present (i.e. they open the trunk for a few moments, or one of the other doors, or they leave the front door open for a few seconds while talking to someone else).

Q: Can I attack someone immediately when I come out of Obfuscate? Or, in other words, Do I get a free hit?
A: You don't get a free hit. The mere act of beginning to strike someone will draw attention to yourself and make you appear. However, this is certainly worth Advantage on CBT due to surprise, maybe on DMT as well. Negotiate with the other player.
Certain levels of Obfuscate may contain their own distinct combat advantages. See the power cards for specific details.

Q: Can animals/children/"innocents" see through Obfuscate?
A: No. Nor can they smell or hear the passage of an obfuscated vampire. Animals might grow uneasy depending on the Beast Traits and abilities of the vampire involved, but their anxiety is generally too unfocused to be of any use in identifying that an obfuscated vampire is present. More detail on animal reactions to vampires can be found here.

Q: If I'm watching a video screen in another room, will I see an obfuscated vampire?
A: Yes. Obfuscate can't affect the camera. More information on how video cameras work on LAmush can be found here.

Q: If I'm watching a video screen in the same room, will I see an obfuscated vampire?
A: No. The power affects your mind, and you will ignore the vampire both on the screen and off. See: +power/modifer mental

Q: Can I use a video camera with a 1/2 second tape loop to spot an obfuscated vampire?
A: No. You're still present, the power will still affect your mind.

Q: Can I use metal detectors or motion detectors to warn me of an obfuscated vampire?
A: Again, no. You believe the detectors are defective (e.g. false alarms), or you do not notice an alarm, or et cetera. See: +power/modifier mental

Q: Then how can I see an Obfuscated vampire in the same room as me?
A: Learn Auspex.

Q: If I'm present with an obfuscated vampire, and video the room, then take the film away to look at it, will I see the vampire?
A: Yes. Assuming the vampire doesn't follow you. However, you will try to rationalize away the discrepancy between what you saw, and what's on the tape. Your mind doesn't like being reminded of something it didn't want to see.

Q: If I know about Obfuscate and how it works, isn't Obfuscate the most rational explanation?
A: Yes, it could be. However, to know enough about Obfuscate for it to be your most rational explanation, you should have either Vampire Lore 4, have Obfuscate yourself, or possess Clan Lore 1 from a clan with Obfuscate as a clan discipline.

Q: You've emphasized repeatedly that Stigmas are powerful and supernatural. Do Stigmas such as Blood Breath, Eerie Presence, Aura of Evil, etc., make themselves felt even through the veil of Obfuscate?
A: It's hard to make a blanket ruling on this topic, but in general presume that any Stigmas you possess along these lines are things that might be sensed on the edge of consciousness by others, but in muted and unfocused form. A slight coppery tang might be sensed with Blood Breath, Eerie Presence would still cause hackles to rise (and -1 penalties), Aura of Evil would make priests shudder at your passing. But the rationalization effects of Obfuscate still apply, so without the appropriate knowledges (as detailed previously) and cause for suspicion, this will only seem passingly odd to those present. It is not enough to be considered as invoking the attention power modifier.

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