Power Levels

One thing we hope to avoid on LA is stat inflation. On some MUSHes, it seems that every Ventrue has Leadership 4, every Toreador has Performance 5, and every Tremere has Willpower 8+. Not here. We believe that exceptional stats are just that, exceptional. They will not be granted lightly. In terms of Abilities, think of the scale of 0-5 generally representing the following:

0: Typical untrained human
1: Typical trained human
2: Typically highly trained human
3: Exceptionally talented human
4: One of the premier experts living
5: One of the most exceptional experts EVER to walk the earth.

Disciplines are extremely powerful here. Unless you have an application character, your character will not have any discipline over 3. That should be more than enough. Like disciplines, a little bit of Willpower goes a long way in our game system. Willpower for Chargen vampires is generally between 3 and 4 and not much higher for application vampires.

Attributes are handled differently than abilities, because everyone starts out with one dot in everything. (Except the ugly Nosferatu, but they are an exception to the rule.) Try to think of the scale of 1-5 generally representing levels of development along the following scale:

  1. Low aptitude with no development, bottom 20% of the population
  2. Human average, the middle 21-70% of the population
  3. Well-developed or high natural aptitude, upper 71-95% of the population; professional class.
  4. Extraordinary and highly developed endowments
  5. Legendary beauty, charm, endurance, or intellect.

Scores of "5" in attributes are rare, and usually cannot go unnoticed. Examples of possible "5" rank individuals include: Albert Einstein (Intelligence), Helen of Troy (Appearance), Bill Clinton (Charisma), and Michael Jordan (Dexterity).

In sum, we are relatively frugal in granting exceptional stats. So please, when putting together your character, keep in mind that we are trying to limit stat inflation. If we do not permit your character to have a high level stat, remember that we attempt to be uniform in our limitations and permit few exceptions. High stats mean something here.

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