Privacy Policy

On LA Mush we believe that privacy is a two-way street. To this end, we disallow direct transfers of characters from other mushes. This both allows the player a chance at anonymity and other players a chance to relate to things in a new way.

We have also made it a point to hide email information (except for that voluntarily posted in +finger) from all players up to and including most staff. Only TechStaff and some Administrative staff have access to emails and they are forbidden to share them except in exigent circumstances such as legal compulsion or to protect this MUSH and its members from illegal activity.

At all times, players are expected to avoid discussing IC actions on public channels, including clan and faction channels. Players are also expected to avoid discussions that include who they are OOCly or inquire as to someone else's OOC identity. This applies in force to all players, new and old, and special attention should be given to avoiding the tendency to page new players and inquire who they were/are.

In addition, no player should feel obligated in any way to give such information to anyone requesting it (even staff). If someone asks this of you, kindly refer them to this policy.

Staff strongly suggests that players refrain from revealing alternate (past or present) characters.

There is an exception for players wishing to apply for an Feature level (e.g. vampire over 50 years old) character or a feature character. For such players, staff may request the provision of references and a resume of experience, but no player wishing to play a chargen-level character will be obligated to identify their OOC identity to staff in order to have their character approved.

MUSHing, as many people reading this are aware, can be an incestuous and cliquish environment. Many players have requested the return of the mystery and anonymity as something nostalgically missed from their early days of MUSHing. To address this desire, this entry was created.

Please address players who appear to be unaware of this policy to '+news policies/privacy'. Should it continue, please contact staff via +feedback/request.

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